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*** A basic overview of how to create & manage a Quiz

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Quizzes on QMplus allow teachers to create online tests with a variety of questions types, such as multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, true/false, etc

Quizzes can be set up to be automatically marked and provide automatic feedback to students according to their answers. Quizzes can also be set up to allow a variety of other post-quiz-taking operations, including re-grading a quiz test, results analysis, etc

Step 1: Adding a Quiz activity to the course

  1. Turn Editing On
  2. Under the Topic/Week where you want to add the quiz to, select Quiz from the Add an activity or resource menu and select Add.

Quiz_selection_screen 2

Step 2: Configuring the Quiz settings

Next, set some initial settings for the Quiz.

    1. Under the General section:
      1. Set the Name of the quiz and add a description (Introduction) for the students to see.
    2. Under the Timing section:
      1. Choose when the quiz should become available for taking (Open the quiz) and when it will be closed (Close the quiz).
      2. Set the Time limit allowed to students while taking the quiz as well as what to do when the time has expired (automatically submit when time is up, allow a grace period, attempts must be submitted by student to be counted)
    3. Under the Grade section:
      1. If you set up grade categories in advance, you can assign the quiz to your designated grade category.
      2. Set what grade is required to pass
      3. Set how many Attempts allowed (how many times can the student redo the test)
      4. Set a Grading method for multiple-attempts quizzes – Highest grade auto calculates the highest score achieved from all attempts, Average score calculates the average score of all attempts, etc.



  1. Under the Layout section you can determine how many pages, and how many questions per page, as well as set how students can navigate through the quiz – whether sequentially or freely.
  2. Under the Question Behaviour you can set whether the questions are shuffled so that they appear in a different order for each student. There are also various ways to set how the questions will behave, such as:
    1. Adaptive mode
    2. Deferred Feedback (with/without Certainty Based Marking)
    3. Immediate Feedback (with/without Certainty Based Marking)
    4. Multiple tries

For more information on what the above behaviours mean – refer to the Moodle documentation on question behaviours.

  1. Under Review options you can set up whether you would like students to be able to review their answers and feedback, and when.
  2. There are other useful features such as being able to set a password (under extra restriction section) and how the quiz itself will appear (with or without blocks, for example)
  3. You can set automatic Overall Feedback that is given to the student after quiz ends, according to their Grades achieved.
  4. Under the Restrict Access section, you can set Restrictions such as requiring a pass on other quizzes to access this one, or requiring a password to access the quiz, etc.


Step 3: Adding Questions to the quiz

There are two ways of adding questions to a quiz:

  1. Directly
  2. From a Question Bank

To add questions directly after adding a blank quiz follow the steps below :

    1. Turn Editing on
    2. Select your blank Quiz.
    3. Click on Edit Quiz from the right hand Navigation under Settings>Quiz Administration.
    4. Click on the Add > A new question option.
      1. You will only click on Add a Random Question when you have a Question Bank set up.2015-04-12_1950
    1. Select the Type of Question you want to include from the menu:


Calculated: Numerical questions but with the numbers used selected randomly from a given
set during the quiz.

Essay: Allows an answer of a few sentences or paragraphs. This must then be graded manually.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): Allows the selection of a single or multiple answers from a pre-defined list.

Short-Answer Questions: Allows an answer of one or a few words that is graded by comparing against various model answers, which may contain wildcards.

Drag and drop: Allows you to add different answers to drag and drop into boxes, these can be markers, text or images.

    • For a full list of question types visit this Moodle page.
    • Let us select Short-Answer Question as an example. Pick a Name for the Question (This is just an identifier and not the actual Question).


    1. Ask the actual Question in the Question Text. The following is an example Question Text – ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous ______?’
    2. Enter the Model Answers for the question against which answers entered by the student are compared for Correctness. The correct answer is marked with 100% Grade. You must assign at least one correct answer in a question. You can assign 50% to partially correct answers. Multiple answers with 100% grades are all considered correct answers.
    3. Select the Default Mark for this particular question (out of the maximum Quiz’s marks).


  1. Select a Penalty for incorrect answers (attempts).
  2. In the end, do not forget to click on SAVE CHANGES.

To add a pre-existing question from the Question Bank,

  1. Select Add from Question Bank after selecting Edit quiz
  2. Select Category with questions
  3. Select the question(s) required and Add selected questions to the quiz
  4. Then click Save (at top of screen)

Step 4: Previewing Quizzes and Re-ordering, Re-editing, Deleting Questions

  1. Turn Editing on
  2. Select the quiz you want to operate with from under a Topic/Week.
  3. From the left hand Navigation under Settings>Quiz administration, select Preview for a preview of the quiz.
  4. Select Edit quiz from the left hand Navigation under Settings>Quiz administration to view a list of all the questions under that particular quiz.
  5. To re-order questions, click on the grey arrows beside them.
  6. To re-edit questions (change their Question-text, settings, etc) – just select that particular question.
  7. To delete a Question, just click on the cross.


Next Steps

More information is available on the Moodle documentation on Quick Quiz Guide as well as Building a Quiz


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