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How to filter your assignment submission lists

If you have a large number of students enrolled on your course area, seeing who has and who hasn’t submitted an assignment can become difficult. The QMplus assignment provides a way to filter the assignment lists to make it easier to manage.

This guide covers:

  • Where to find the controls for filtering the submission list
  • Which filters are available

screen1 Find the appropriate assignment in your QMplus course area and click on the assignment title (you do not need to have editing turned on).


Click on the View/Grade all submissions button.


You are now on the assignment grading screen. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen.


In the Options section at the bottom of the grading table, you will find a Filter drop down menu. The choice made from the filter list will cause the submissions listed in the table to change:

  • Submitted – only those students who have submitted something
  • Requires grading – only those students who have submitted and who have not yet been given a grade


If you are making use of the assignment workflow feature on your QMplus assignment, you will also be able to filter the list of submissions according to the stage of the grading process they are in e.g. quickly being able to see those submissions which require review. This could be especially useful in large modules where there are multiple markers, allowing a module convener to get an overview of what stage all the submissions are currently in.

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