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Course creation and Settings: How to hide/show a course area

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If you are building/refreshing your QMplus course area, you may want to ‘hide’ it from your students until you are finished. You can control the visibility of your course area within the course administration settings. Remember to ‘show’ your course area as soon as you are ready for your students to access it.

This guide covers:

  • How to make a course area visible or hidden
  1. Log in to QMplus and search for the course you would like to hide from students.
  2. On the course homepage select ‘Edit settings’ under the Settings block.


3. Under Course settings select ‘General’. Under the ‘Visible’ setting you will be able select ‘hide’ to hide the course from students (the course will still be available for teachers and administrators to access) or ‘show’ for it to be visible to students and viewers.

4. Select ‘Save changes’.


The course area will appear ‘greyed out’ wherever it appears in QMplus. The visibility setting only applies to people enrolled on your course as Students or Viewers. Teachers and QMplus administrators will still be able to see the course and its contents.

Courses are automatically hidden after they are rolled over to give staff time to set them up before releasing them to students. Remember to check your course visibility setting at the beginning of teaching. If you hear a lot of students complaining that they can’t see your course on QMplus, it could be that it is still hidden.

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