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** Marking an assignment in QMplus (standard or Turnitin)

This guide assumes that you have already set up an assignment in QMplus and the students have already submitted their assignment. The instructions are the same whether you have set up a standard assignment or whether you have chosen to use the Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings in your assignment.

When the students have submitted their assignments, the teacher will be able to view and mark the submissions in QMplus.

Step 1: Download and mark the assignment

Locate the assignment that needs to be marked and click on it to get to the Grading Summary page.


The Grading Summary page displays a summary of the assignment, including:

  1. Number of participants,
  2. Number of drafts,
  3. Number of submitted assignments,
  4. Due date and time remaining.

Click on the the ‘View/grade all submissions’ link to go to the Grading Table.


The Grading Table contains columns of information about the student, the status of their submission, a link to grade their submission, a link to each submission and feedback comments and files (if enabled). Use the scroll bar to navigate within the table. To download all the submitted files from students, click ‘Download all submissions’ in the ‘Assignment administration’ menu located at the left side of the page, or choose it from the drop-down menu at the top of the grading table.


 After clicking the link, the files should download automatically as a zip file onto your computer and you can choose open or save the file. You can then go in and open the files to grade them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After downloading the student submissions, DO NOT change the name of each file as the filename is linked to the gradebook in QMplus, and this is needed if you’d like to upload the marks back into QMplus.


Step 2: Grade/Advance grade students’ submissions

Once you have downloaded and reviewed the students work, you can return to the Grading Table and manually enter individual grades for each student. Click on the edit icon under the ‘Grade’ column for the student that you wish to enter a mark for. If you would like to use rubrics and advanced grading methods, make sure this is set up correctly prior to assignment creation.

To learn more on Advanced grading click here.


You will then be able to grade the submission and provide comments to the student.

Make sure to click ‘Save changes’ when this is done.


View Turnitin originality report and score

If you have enabled the Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings, you will be able to view the originality report and score, once this is available. The availability will depend on the generation speed that you set up at the time you were creating the assignment. By default, this is set to ‘generate reports immediately’ – which means that as soon as the student submits their assignment, the report will be available shortly after (unless they have been allowed to re-submit, then a 24 hour delay should be expected).

  1. You can view the score from the grading table, under the ‘File submissions’ column.
  2. Clicking on the score itself will load the Turnitin originality report where you can get an overview of any matches found and its source.


To mark the Turnitin assignment, the same instructions as outlined in steps 1 and 2 above apply.

Next steps

This guide covers how to mark a QMplus assignment, you might be interested in the following guides on marking using more advanced techniques:

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