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Using the offline grading worksheet

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The offline grading worksheet allows teachers to enter grades and general feedback comments for student assignments in a spreadsheet format which can then be uploaded to QMplus.

Please note that the offline grading worksheet cannot be used to upload information for advanced grading methods such as rubrics and marking guides.

Enable the offline grading worksheet feature

To be able to use this function in QMplus, the ‘Offline Grading Worksheet’ has to be enabled for the assignment. To check this, go to the assignment administration:



Under ‘Feedback types’, tick ‘Offline Grading Worksheet’ if it’s not already chosen. Remember to click ‘save changes’ if you have made any changes.



Download the offline grading worksheet

Go to the assignment and click on the the ‘View/grade all submissions’ link, this will bring up the grading table.


The grading table contains columns of information about the student, the status of their submission, a link to grade their submission, a link to each submission and feedback comments and files (if enabled). Use the scroll bar to navigate within the table.

To download the grading sheet from QMplus, choose ‘Download grading worksheet’ from the drop-down menu at the top of the grading table.


Open the downloaded csv. file and you should be able to see a list of all the students. Input the marks for them and add comments if needed. Save the file when finished.


Uploading the grading worksheet

Go back to the grading page and choose ‘upload grading worksheet’ from the drop-down menu. In the uploading page, choose the csv. file you have just edited and saved, then click ‘upload grading worksheet’.



The system will ask you to confirm all the marks, make sure all grades are displayed correctly and select ‘confirm’.


You will then be able to see that the grades can comments have been uploaded and the grading table now shows the student’s grades.



Next steps

This guide covers how to mark a QMplus assignment, you might be interested in the following guides on marking using other tools:

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