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How to see a list of all courses you are enrolled on

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This guide covers:

  • How to see all the courses you are currently enrolled on, in QMplus.

Please note: that if a teacher has chosen to ‘hide’ a course on QMplus, you will not be able to access this course area on QMplus, please speak to your teacher if you feel that this is the case. Also, there are other reasons why you may not be able to see all of your courses on QMplus, including enrolment issues with SITS (student record database). If you do not see a course under My Modules in the fly-down dashboard, please refer to this FAQ for more information about enrolment issues –

Go to your My QMplus page

Once you have logged into QMplus via, there are several ways to get to the My QMplus, Module Overview page, depending on your individual settings.

  1. From the fly-down dashboard, click on ‘My Modules‘, as shown below:You may see an orange banner against some of your modules. These modules are currently hidden and are unavailable for viewing – they maybe courses taking place in another semester, or being prepared by your course convenor. Should you see any courses for the current semester which are ‘hidden’, please contact your course convenor for them to make them available to you.
Should you have lots of courses listed in ‘My Modules’ click ‘Show More’ at the bottom of the list to diplay further courses.


2. The second way to access your modules is via ‘All Modules’, as shown here: One can then see all the QMplus modules listed by faculty: To find your module, simply click on the chevron to the left of each category to expand it, to locate the subcategories below: 

Pinning Modules

When in the fly-down dashboard view, under the My Modules tab, you will see a series of thumb-tack icons alongside each of your modules’ names. To limit the number of modules which you see at a glance, you can click on the thumb-tack icon against a particular module and the course will be ‘pinned’ to a ‘pinned modules’ tab, for ease of viewing. To view your pinned modules, simply click on the ‘pinned modules’ tab, as shown: 

Recent Courses

Once you have clicked through to your modules, the 6 most recently viewed ones will then be accessible via the ‘Recent Courses’ drop down menu, as shown here:


Next steps

Please also read the following guides and FAQs:

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