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How to share files with students

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For: StaffApplication: OwnCloud

How to share files with students

  1. Log into the ownCloud interface and select the folder where your file is located.ocloud1

  2. For the file you would like to share click ‘Share’ (1) and ‘Share link’ (2). Copy this link to send to your students. If the link is too long, you can create a Shorty. If you would like to make the link secure select ‘Password protect’ and create a password. You will have to send this password to your students as well.


3. When students open the link the page will give them the option to download or prompt them for the password.



How to create a Shorty

Shorty offers a service to store, manage and use a collection of shortened links pointing to resources in the web. Each Shorty contains a source and a target URL. It is typically much shorter than the target URL. 

1. Click on the option ‘Files’ (1). From the drop down menu click on the option ‘Shorty’ (2).shorty_1

2.To create a Shorty, click on ‘New Shorty’ this will provide you with a form to add a new shorty. In ‘Target URL’, copy in the file url link. In ‘Title’ enter a suitable title for the url.

You will also have the options to enter the:

    • Status: choose to make the url available to be shared, public or private
    • Expiration: enter a date that the url will no longer be available for access
    • Notes: add any additional notes related to the url


Once you have filled in the relevant fields, click on the option ‘Add as new’. This will create the shorty.

3. The shorty will be identified using the title and target url entered. You will see the expiration date and status of the url is displayed. There is also another field called ‘clicks’ this shows the number of times the url has been clicked on and viewed by the user.


4. Click on the shorty you have created and you will see the options below:

    • List clicks: provides a list of the number of times the url has been clicked and enables you to track the click back to the user
    • Show details: provides information of the shorty created
    • Modify shorty: enables you to modify the title, status, expiration and notes of the shorty
    • Delete Shorty: allows you to delete the shorty temporarily
    • Share Shorty: enables you to share and use the shorty
    • Open Target: opens up the original url that has been shortened



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