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I can’t login, what do I do?

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What happens when you enter your user name and password? Do you get a “We failed to verify your username and password.” error message?

If so, are you sure you are entering your username and password correctly? Your login details for QMplus are your username e.g. lc778899 (Please note, do not include and the same password for all other QMUL services, such as email. Are you able to log in to your email account using the same credentials? If you are a student, you can try to log in to your email by using the “Student Life > Student email” link in the menu bar on the QMplus home page. If you are a member of staff you can try to log in to your email on

If you think you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by visiting the password reset manager. Be aware that resetting your password will reset it for all QMUL services, not just QMplus.

If you are not getting a user name and password error but something else is happening, you could first try accessing QMplus through a different internet browser if possible. If you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome. If you are still having issues then you will have to contact the ITS Helpdesk. Try to provide as much information as possible about the problem. Screenshots of what you are seeing are very helpful along with details of the internet browser you are using and where you are experiencing the problem from. Are you using a laptop and wifi? Are you on campus? At home? In another country? Giving as much information as possible will enable the ITS Helpdesk to investigate your problem quickly.

You can contact the ITS Helpdesk by:

  • Logging in on
  • Emailing on (Emails sent to this address must be sent from a QMUL email address)
  • Visiting in person. Go to W209 in the Queens’ Building on the Mile End Campus.
  • Calling on +44 (0)20 7882 8888

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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