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The E-Learning Practitioners Group is an online group where you can join together with others from around QMUL to discover more about using technology in teaching. It has been set up in QMplus Hub and anyone with an account on QMplus can join.

The E-Learning Unit use the group to provide updates on QMUL e-learning services and to provide other information of use to the QMUL e-learning community. Although we oversee the group, it is a space where users from across the faculties can join in to ask questions, help each other out and generally share their experiences. It is a publicly visible group which means that you can see what is going on without joining. You have to join to participate though and we’d like as many people to do that as possible.

Finding and joining the group

After logging in to QMplus, select QMplus Hub from the My Dashboard menu.

You will find yourself on your QMplus Hub Dashboard.

Select Find Groups from the Groups menu.

  1. Type E-Learning Practitioners into the search box
  2. Click the search button

You should find the E-Learning Practitioners Group at the top of the list of search results.

  1. If you wish to see the group before joining, you can click on the group name. The group is publicly visible which means you can view it without joining. If you wish to participate, you will have to join the group.
  2. To join the group, click the Join this group button

You will now find yourself on the group home page.

You can leave the group at any time by clicking the Leave This Group button which can be found at the top right of the group home page.

The group discussion forums

One of the first things you may want to do is to post a message to one of the forums, or respond to a post that is already there. Clicking on the Forums tab at the top of the group home page will take you to the listing of all the available forums in the group.

The current list of forums includes:

  • News and Announcements – used by the E-Learning Unit to post about items of interest to the e-learning community at QMUL. Includes important announcements about our various e-learning services, upcoming training sessions and other events that we are running
  • QMplus Questions and Answers – a place to ask questions about our online learning environment.
  • General Discussion – a place to ask any e-learning related questions

You can choose which forums you are interested in by subscribing to them. This will allow you to receive notifications when new items are posted to the forums that you are subscribed to either in your QMplus Hub inbox, or to your email. These notification channels can be controlled through your QMplus Hub profile settings.

If you’d prefer not to receive notifications from forums, you can unsubscribe. You will still be able to see new posts when you visit the forums section of the group.

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Produced by the the E-Learning Unit at Queen Mary University of London.

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