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Making the QMplus Media course media gallery visible to students

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Every QMplus area has a course media gallery. You can use this to publish videos which have been uploaded to QMplus Media (Kaltura). It can act as a central media hub for your QMplus area. It also provides useful functionality such as being able to see the analytics for video usage in your QMplus area. You can also create playlists of your videos which you can use in a variety of different ways

By default, the course media gallery is not visible to students. It doesn’t have to be made visible to students to be useful. However, there may be times when you do want students to be able to access it. In particular:

  • If you’d like students to be able to download videos for watching offline
  • If you’d like students to be able to publish their own videos to the gallery to share with others

This guide describes how to make the course media gallery accessible to students.

If you only want your students to be able to view videos, you do not have to do this through the media gallery. You can add your videos to your QMplus area in other ways.


Check the media gallery settings

Before you make the course media gallery visible, there are some decisions you should make and settings you should check.

Course media gallery link

Go to your course media gallery by using the link in the settings block.

Edit channel actions

Click on the Channel Actions icon and then select Edit

Channel options

In the options section of this page, there are a number of settings you should consider.

  • Moderate content – we recommend that you check this item. This means that students cannot publish videos to the media gallery without a moderator allowing it. Unfortunately there is no way to turn off student publishing completely. Keeping this option checked will effectively prevent students videos appearing in the gallery.
  • Enable comments in Media Gallery – if you check this item, students will be able to leave comments on videos in the gallery.
    If you don’t want this, uncheck the box
  • Keep comments private to media gallery – related to the previous setting, if you have allowed comments, you can decide whether these comments are only seen by those with access to this media gallery. If unchecked, comments may be visible in other places where you have published this video…e.g. if you have used it in more that one module
  • Display embedded media in this media gallery – if you enable this option, any videos you embed into this QMplus area using the the QMplus Media icon in the editor, will automatically be published in this media gallery.

Once you have made your selections, click on the Save button.

Change the permissions on the media gallery

QMplus area permissions

Go to the Settings block on the right of your QMplus area. Click on Course administration>Users>Permissions

Permission settings page

  1. Type “media” into the filter text box and the course media gallery settings should appear
  2. Click on the allow link in the roles with permission column, it appears as a plus icon

Allow roles dialog

Click on Student

The new permission is automatically saved…there is no save button.

Students will now be able to see the link in the settings block for the course.

Media gallery student view

Other ways to make videos viewable

If you only want students to be able to view videos, you do not have to do this through the course media gallery. You can make your videos viewable in a variety of different ways, depending on what you are trying to achieve:

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