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Manually adding a Gradebook item (column)

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The Gradebook in a QMplus course area is the place where student grades are stored. Items in the Gradebook are, most usually, added automatically when a gradable activity is added to the course area.  Examples of activities which have Gradebook items created automatically are: assignments, quizzes and the workshop activity. It is, however, possible to manually add items to the Gradebook in a QMplus area.  This might be done to provide an area to store information which is not associated with a gradable activity, either online or offline e.g. student attendance.

If you wish to have a grade item on QMplus for an item of assessment which has no online component, e.g. a drama performance or a presentation, you should consider using the standard QMplus assignment type, instead of manually adding a grade item. This will allow students to be shown assignment instructions and due dates. See our guide on Setting up an offline assignment for more details.


This guide covers:

  • How to manually add a grade item to your QMplus course area.
  • It assumes that you are familiar with editing a QMplus course area.

Navigate to the course area that you want to add the grade item in and select Settings > Course administration > Gradebook setup.

Your Gradebook may, or may not, already have items in it.  In this example, there are several – of which you can see 5 of them in the Gradebook screenshot. The top item ‘Attendance’ is one which has been manually added, whereas the blue ones which appear below correspond to activities in the course area which students are expected to make electronic submissions for:


  1. “Attendance”
  2. “Close reading of a text”
  3. “Submit a photo”
  4. “Group submissions”
  5. “Coursework”

To add a new grade item, navigate to the bottom of the screen and select ‘add grade item’ 

The screen which then loads allows you to define a number of parameters associated with your new grade item.  (If you do not see all of the options shown below, click on the button underneath these options which says Show more).  There are a large number of options that can be set here. In this example, I am going to use this column to record an activity carried out in person in a workshop, so I set the following:

  1. The grade item name.  This is what will appear at the top of the column in the grade book. 
  2. A description of the grade item – In my example, I am going to give myself a prompt to explain when this activity took place and that it is assessed. 
  3. Should I be applying calculations to the Gradebook, I may wish to add an identifying number to the Gradebook item: 
  4. Amongst other settings available, I can choose whether these grades are displayed to the students, or hidden – plus automate when they are to be revealed. 

When you have set the parameters as you want them for your grade item, click on Save changes at the bottom of the screen.

The new grade item then appears at the bottom of the list.  As I have chosen it to be hidden, it appears as being greyed-out.

To see how it looks in the Gradebook, click Settings > Course administration > Gradebook setup.

Should I wish to change the order of the Gradebook item amongst the others already listed, I can do so in Gradebook set-up via the double-ended arrow icon to the left of each item: 

Then I can choose the location it will be moved to: 

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