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To find out more information about QMplus click here.

To log into QMplus, go to and log in with your University user account (e.g. ydw123).

Below are the top ten areas to get you started with QMplus.

Getting started with QMplus

  1. What is QMplus and why should I use it?
  2. QMplus Course Architecture
  3. Access – and how users get enrolled onto course areas in QMplus
  4. Building your QMplus course area – the basics (course formats, topics, and moving items around)
  5. QMplus course area settings
  6. Adding content to your QMplus course area
  7. Assessments and feedback (adding assignments, quizzes and giving feedback)
  8. Communications (emailing and messaging your students)
  9. Collaboration (using tools to encourage student engagement)
  10. Is your course ready? A handy checklist

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