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Using the personal capture software (PCAP)



  • You are unable to book into a Q-Review lecture capture enabled room
  • You want to record additional teaching material
  • You require greater flexibility in when you complete the editing of your recorded footage.

You can still record your lecture or event using Personal Capture (PCAP). The software can be installed onto a computer or laptop (PC with Windows 7 or 8 or MAC with OSX 10.8) allowing you to be able to record from the comfort of your desk, or take your laptop to the teaching room. You can also borrow a laptop from the E-Learning Unit .

Personal capture allows users to:

  • Capture content being displayed on their screen (including any videos being played) – Please note: it always captures the screen. i.e. the presenter cannot choose to only capture webcam+audio)
  • Capture their voice using a microphone
  • Capture video using a webcam
  • Start and stop recording directly from their computer
  • Make minor edits to their recording (such as cutting bits out)
  • Publish recordings
  • Paste a link to the published recording onto a website or blog

Installing personal capture on your computer

Log in to Q-Review (, logging in ‘via institution’. However, if you plan to record non-teaching content, generic materials not attached to a certain module or a professional services session/event then contact Helpdesk for a new Q-Review section (supply an appropriate title for this section) to be created for you. If you have issues with installing and running the software on your own computer or if you don’t have one, ELU has laptops with the Personal Capture software installed that are available for loan. Send an email to to book a lecture capture laptop.

Making a recording

Before you make a recording

  1. you need to ensure the copyright clearance of the contents you will use in your recordings, as you are fully responsible for the contents you upload.
  2. please make sure the recording is not longer than 4 hours. If it is longer than 4 hours then the system may not be able to process it successfully. Also, your students may not be able to concentrate for that long. The size of a section within Q-Review is 5GB.

Before launching the software, you should connect all the required hardware (i.e. microphone, camera).

    1. Login to Echo360 via the top right ‘login’: 
    2. You will now be directed to the web, to login to Echo 360 via the ID checker: 
    3. Now you’re logged in, please select the microphone, computer screen display and camera via the options on the left hand side, plus give your recording a title: You can also choose to auto-publish should you check the box, but if not you can publish once you’ve reviewed the recording.
    4. To start a recording, simply click ‘Record‘. You will see a 5 second count-down and then the capture will begin. After finishing your capture, you can right click on the Personal Capture logo on the taskbar and select “Stop Recording” (alternatively you can use the following keyboard shortcuts. Alt + F2 = Stop, Alt + F3 = Pause recording).

Editing a recording

Although you are able to edit a personal capture recording immediately, you have a further opportunity to make edits (online, via a web-browser) when you have published it (i.e. uploaded your Personal Capture recording to the Q-review server).

  1. Click on the pen icon to review and edit your recording:

2. Make any edits via the editing interface:


3. Save any changes:


Publishing a recording

While you do not need internet access to make a recording with the software, you will need an internet connection to be able to publish your recording to the Q-Review server. Before publishing, you can check that your connection to the server is working by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Setting icon (cog icon) on the top right of the Personal Capture window
  2. Click the Test connection button

If you get a “Connection failed” message, check that you have a working internet connection & if the issue persists, please raise a Helpdesk ticket.

If your connection to the server is working, you can now publish your recording by going through the following steps:

  1. Select the recording you wish to publish and then click the Publish Recording button. You will be prompted to enter your login should you have not logged in yet. 
  2. A list of your available course sections on the Q-Review server will be displayed. You will need to select which section you want your recording to be put into:If you have no course sections to select from or require a new course area to be created, then you will need to raise a ticket on the Helpdesk. Tell them what you want your new section to be called or which existing one you are to be added to. Alternatively you can publish to your personal library, for you to then link to / embed from.
  3. Your recording will now be uploaded to the Q-Review server where it will be processed ready for viewing. When the recording is ready, you will receive an email telling you it is available for viewing.


Giving others access to your recordings

After your recording has been published to the Q-Review server, you give others access to it in exactly the same way as any other Q-Review recording. Please see our guide on publishing, sharing and playback for more information.

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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