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Personalising your QMplus Information

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For: Staff and StudentsApplication: Getting Around , QMplus

This guide is relevant until mid-August 2022. Guidance relevant to the new QMplus theme will then be available here.

You may wish to share professional interests and contact details via your QMplus profile.


Step 1: Find your profile

Once you have logged into QMplus:

  1. On Landing Page click on the picture Icon next your name OR go to Dashboard and click on “Profile”. This will take you to your ‘Profile page’ .

Snapshot for change profile image

Snapshot for change profile image

Step 2: Edit your profile

    1.  Under ‘SETTINGS ‘click Edit Profile. If you can’t see Edit Profile then click on My profile settings.

Snapshot of Edit Profile

2.  You may wish to change settings related to your email visibility, receiving emails, forum subscriptions & forum tracking.

Step 3: Upload an image

      1. Scroll down the page to USER PICTURE and either click on the ‘add file’ icon or drag the file into the drag and drop area.

Snapshot for Drag and Drop Image

2.   Choose your profile photo file and click UPLOAD THIS FILE.

Snapshot for Attache image

Step 4: Update your professional interests and contact details

      1. Add your professional interests as ‘tags’.
      2. Add any other contact details useful for other QMplus users.
      3. Scroll down and click UPDATE PROFILE.




 Tip:  If you view your profile and click on a tag you will be linked to other users with similar interests.


Next steps

You may want to consider:

      • Editing your profile in ‘Groups and Portfolios’ to connect with students and staff.

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