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Introduction to QMplus Hub

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Every student and tutor has their own ‘Hub’ area. This area is divided into three main areas of functionality.

  1. An area where content can be added and/or created –  you can upload files, create an online journal, record professional development etc
  2. An Electronic portfolio or ‘e-Portfolio’ aspect where you can take the content you have uploaded and present views of it on webpages. These might be for personal or research purposes, job applications or may be part of assessed work in your modules. One key element is that the person who created the web pages chooses with whom it is shared.
  3. A facility to set-up groups perhaps similar to a campus based ‘Facebook’ – which enables members to work together, share files and communicate in private.
Tip: ‘Groups’ are ideal for collaborative group work and peer review.

How to access QMplus Hub

QMplus Hub is accessible via the top menu on every page in QMplus  via the  QMplus homepage button or you can navigate directly to QMplus Hub itself.

1. Via the top navigation bar in QMplus or the QMplus home page

  1. Select the LOGIN button located on the centre right of the QMplus homepage.
  2. Log in using your standard college Username and Password. This is the same username and password you use to access your college email.
  3. Select QMplus Hub from the graphical tile on the homepage.
  4. or select QMplus Hub under the My Dashboard link on the top menu (see screenshot below)

Homepage loginLogin to QMplus Hub


2. Via the QMplus Hub homepage itself

  1. Navigate to the web address:
  2. Select the blue login button on the right below the central graphic (see screengrab below)
  3. Enter your college username and password.
  4. You will be logged in to QMplus Hub

Logging in directly to QMplus Hub


 How to use Navigation & Overview

The Dashboard screen contains numerous navigation areas. The details of these areas on a desktop and tablet device are detailed below. Navigation on smartphones will be detailed here shortly.

  1. The navigation bar contains seven tabs: QMPLUS, MY QMPLUSDASHBOARD (the current screen), CONTENT, PORTFOLIO and GROUPS .
  2. The buttons on the top right provide direct access to your Profile in QMplus Hub, your settings (for email notifications etc), any messages you may have received, a search all users capability and finally a logout button.
  3. Navigation links are also displayed under your personal block on the right of the page. This block will be titled with your name (clicking on this will take you to your profile page) and includes links to any group you belong to as well as a link back to QMplus Home.
  4. In the central graphic there are six links to pages which provide more information about how you might use QMplus Hub for learning and teaching.

New QMplus Hub dashboardThe DASHBOARD screen also contains three sections with further links, these include:

  1. Create: This is a shortcut to the pages area – Here you can create new portfolio pages and develop your content.
  2. Share: Here, you can decide who you are going to share your content with.
  3. Engage: Here you can search for groups you may wish to join.

Tip: You can reduce homepage clutter by hiding the homepage graphic (see ‘Hide menu‘ button in 5 above).

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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