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QMUL Model Skills Review FAQs

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1) What is the QMUL Model?

The QMUL Model is an innovative initiative that will broaden opportunities for Queen Mary undergraduates within and beyond higher education. It supports you to plan and manage your ongoing professional development.

2) What is the QMUL Model Skills Review?

The QMUL Model Skills Review is an online survey based around the four QMUL Model themes: networking, multi- and inter-disciplinarity, international and enterprising perspectives. You are strongly encouraged to complete the QMUL Model Skills Review to provide you with a snapshot of your progress against the QMUL Model themes. The benefit of completing the Skills Review is that results can then be discussed with your Personal Tutor (or equivalent) or with the appropriate member of staff as instructed by your School to identify:

  • your existing strengths in relation to the QMUL Model themes
  • areas you wish to develop further to support your future career/study
  • the most appropriate Model module selection for subsequent years of study

 You can access and complete your QMUL Model Skills Review here.

3) I can’t access the QMUL Model Skills Review on QMplus.

Please get in touch with IT Services at

4) My Skills Review Progress page is showing the wrong personal tutor.

Please get in touch with IT Services at and provide your correct personal tutor’s name and email address. Your school will then be contacted to verify this before the change is made.

5) Can I redo the Skills Review?

Yes, you can do your Skills Review as many times as you wish to.

6) How many times should I do the Skills Review?

It is recommended for you to complete the Skills Review at least once every year. 

7) What do I do after completing the Skills Review?

Make an appointment to discuss your results with your personal tutor or with the appropriate member of staff as instructed by your School.

8) I have taken the Skills Review but my Skills Review Result is not appearing on my Skills Review Progress page.

Your Skills Review result should become available to you within a few minutes of completing it. Go to the QMUL Model Skills Review and double check you have submitted the quiz. Successful submission of the skills review is indicated by a submitted time and date on the QMUL Model Skills Review. If you Skills Review result does not appear within 1 hour of submitting your Skills Review, please get in touch with IT Services at

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