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Question Banks and Sharing Questions

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This handout explains how we can generate Question Banks, use Categories to Structure them and also share them across modules on QMPlus.

An Overview

A Quiz is an assessment tool in QMPlus. Questions that you want to ask to the students.

There are 3 ways of adding questions to a quiz: 1) Directly ! 2) From a Question BankĀ and 3) Random.

Some Background Information

The Questions in a quiz are actually stored in a ‘Question Category‘.

ALL Question Categories are housed and managed under the Question Bank.

Categories are like containers for your questions. Moodle only introduced them to help teachers keep their courses organised. Instead of keeping ALL the questions that you may ask students in your course, together in ONE place, Moodle lets you separate them out in Categories so that you may for instance:

  • Keep questions regarding the 1st Chapter of your course in a Category called Chapter 1.
  • Re-use questions in different quizzes on the same course
  • Re-use questions in quizzes on other courses

Every course on Moodle comes pre-ready with a DEFAULT category. Using the Question Bank makes Quiz Building more efficient.

Generating your Question Bank

  1. Turn editing on and click on the question bank on the left hand settings panel in your quiz.QP014-image008
  2. Select and open your quiz from the course page. From the Settings Block, select the arrow beside Question Bank to produce a drop down menu. Select Categories from the expanded list. QP014-image032
  3. Fill out the Add Category section to create a new category. Specify where this category is held (Parent Category).
  4. To add Questions to your category, select Questions from the Settings Block under Question Bank.

5. Pick the category for your new Questions to be stored under, and click Create a New Question.


6. Select a Type of Question (True/False or MCQ etc) and make sure to put the Question in the right category by selecting it from the Category drop down menu, when you configure its settings. QP014-image013

7. Save changes to add the question to the Question Bank. Add more Questions to build up your Question Bank, making sure to organize them using Categories.

Sharing a Question Bank across other courses

Doing this ensures that you do not have to go through the cumbersome process of creating new Questions for similar Quizzes. Instead you can just share the questions from the Question in one course to another.

This is a 2-step process:

  • Exporting Questions into a file from your course
  • Importing Question from the file into your other course

Exporting Questions into a file

  1. Turn Editing On
  2. Select a quiz from your course
  3. From the Settings Block, click the arrow beside Question Bank
  4. Select Export
  5. Select Moodle XML format QP014-image023
  6. Select the Category that contains the Questions you want to share to another course
  7. Deselect the second checkmark (Write Context to file)
  8. Click Export.The Questions held in the category you QP014-image021 specified will be downloaded on your computer.

Importing Questions from a file

  1. Turn Editing On
  2. Select a quiz from your course QP014-image030
  3. From the Settings Block, click the arrow beside Question Bank
  4. Select Import
  5. Select Moodle XML format from the list
  6. Deselect Get Context from file
  7. Set Match Grades to Nearest Grades…
  8. Set Stop on error to No
  9. Click on Choose file and upload the file that you downloaded from exporting.
  10. Click Import.

You will now have successfully shared Questions that you had made previously into a new course!

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

Produced by the the Technology Enhanced Learning Team at Queen Mary University of London.

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