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Moving quiz questions from one course to another using export/import

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There are numerous ways of sharing questions between courses. This user guide explores how to export questions from one course and import them into another.

Tip: Moving questions between ‘Categories’ may be a quicker way to share questions. This however is only suitable if the two courses are in the same faculty. For more information look at the ‘Quizzes: Sharing Questions via Categories’ user guide.




Step 1: Exporting Questions


    1. In the settings menu for your module select Question bank.
    2. Then click Export.
    3. Select Moodle XML format
    4. Select the ‘Export category’



In this example I have exported the file to my desktop.


Step 2: Importing questions

Go to the course where you want the questions to appear:

    1. In the settings menu select Question bank.
    2. Click on Import.
    3. Select Moodle XML format.
    4. Click on CHOOSE A FILE and select the XML file that you just exported.
    5. Click IMPORT.




Step 3: Accessing your imported question

    1. In the settings menu select Question bank.
    2. Click on Questions.


  1. Click on the Select a category drop down menu.
  2. Select your imported ‘Questions’. A new category will have been added to your course which contains the new ‘Questions’. They are automatically added to a new ‘Category’. This ‘Category’ is named after the course where these questions originally came from. In this example I have selected ‘Richard’s test area’ and I can see that it contains seven questions (displayed as (7)).


The imported questions are then shown underneath when the category is selected from the drop down menu.

Here is a link to moodle docs on question categories.

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