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Scanning Physical Coursework Coversheets

This guide covers the process to be followed by administrative staff for scanning in coversheets for physical coursework. Coversheets will be handed into a school reception or other collection point with relevant physical coursework.

Scanning coversheets

  1. From the dashboard go to Profile > Scan Physical Coursework (under COURSEWORK MANAGEMENT)
    dashboard QMplusscan physical coursework under coursework management
  2. Once on the Scanning Form make sure the cursor is in the Scan coversheet barcode field.
    Coursework coversheet Scanning form blinking

    The coursework coversheet scanning form will default to a coversheet’s course due date. To override the due date and set a later date (for a late submission for example), select the Enable tick box and enter in the desired date.

  3. Scan coversheet
    barcode scanner

4. Once scanned the form will automatically clear ready for the next coversheet scan.

5. Check coversheets have been scanned by viewing the coursework submissions area.

view submissions after scanning coversheet

6. Once the coursework has been marked, the coversheet can be scanned again to show a dialogue box where the grade for the work can be entered, and the submission date can be changed.submission grade on physical coursework

Once the grade is entered and the ‘Submit grade’ button is clicked, the grade will appear in the correct spot in the assignment grading area.

Resubmissions: to resubmit coursework select ‘Reverting [the] submission to draft’ via a
submission’s ‘Edit’ menu.
Virtual coversheet scanning: administrators can scan a coversheet without printing it by logging in as a student and printing their coversheet to your screen and scanning the barcode.

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