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Providing grades and feedback for offline activities

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A student assignment may not involve the electronic submission of work, for example a presentation or a performance. You may however, still wish to provide the student with their grades and feedback for this activity on QMplus.

It is possible to set up an assignment by creating a standard QMplus assignment type and setting the submission type appropriately.

The benefits of using the assignment activity

It is possible to deal with this scenario by manually adding a grade book item to the gradebook in your course area for your activity. This will allow you to enter a grade and a small piece of text feedback for the activity directly in the gradebook.

However, by using the assignment activity instead you will gain a number of benefits:

  • For students the benefit is that they will see the activity in their course calendar or on their myQMplus page,
  • For staff: being able to use features associated with the assignment activity such as offline grading worksheets, grading workflows, feedback files, grading forms and rubrics

Setting up an offline assignment

Add an assignment to your course area in the usual way. In the Submission types section of the assignments settings, you should ensure that all the checkboxes are cleared.

Offline assignment settings

You can continue to set up your assignment in the usual way. You may still use advanced grading methods such as marking guides or rubrics.

How does it look to the students?

An offline assignment looks exactly the same as a standard assignment to the student. However, when they click on the assignment there will be nowhere for them to upload anything and the assignment details will state that they do not have to upload anything.


When their grades and feedback are released, they will be able to access them through the assignment, as well as through the gradebook.

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