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Turnitin – Setting up the Turnitin iPad app

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The Turnitin app allows you to download and mark student assignments using the Turnitin GradeMark online marking tool on your iPad.  It provides access to the full range of GradeMark features including bubble comments, quickmarks, voice comments, text comments, strike-throughs and rubrics along with access to the Turnitin originality reports all with the added bonus of not having to be connected to the internet while you mark.

This document contains instructions on how to set up the Turnitin app on your iPad.

It assumes you have:

  • Installed the app onto your iPad.  The app is free and can be found in the Apple App Store by searching for “Turnitin”.
  • Access to a Turnitin assignment in a QMplus course area for which there has been at least one submission.

Generate an access code for the assignment

Log in to QMplus and go to the course area which contains the assignment you want to mark.  You can do this on a web browser on your iPad or you can do it on a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.  It can be easier to do the latter as you can have your iPad next to you ready to set up as you go.

Assignment icon and titleFind the assignment you want to mark and click on its title. You do not need to have editing turned on.

View grade all submissions button

Click on the View/grade all submissions button.

Assignment submission table details

Go to one of the submissions.  It doesn’t matter which one you use. Click on the Turnitin similarity index bar. The submission will now be opened in the Turnitin document viewer, it may take a few moments for this to happen.

ipad icon in Turnitin document viewer

  1. Find the iPad icon (that’s what it’s supposed to be) on the bottom left of the window and click on it.
  2. Click on the “Generate Code” button in the window that pops up.

Turnitin access codeThis is your Turnitin class access code.  You can only use it once.  If you are doing this on an iPad, you will notice that, annoyingly, you cannot copy and paste the code. You’ll have to make a note of it old style (or have a good memory).

Use the access code to set up your Turnitin iPad app

Login with access code

Open the Turnitin app on your iPad

  1. Tap on the Log in with Access Code
  2. Type in your Turnitin class access code (do not enter any spaces in the code) and tap return.

Turnitin app 7Tap on “Queen Mary University of London” in the list of accounts.

turnitin-app-10Tap on the name of the class that you want.  This should correspond to the name of the course in QMplus that your assignment is in.

Terminology alert: “Class” is the Turnitin terminology for the container for your assignment whereas the “course” is the container in QMplus.  The Turnitin class is automatically created for you and the name should be similar to the name for your QMplus course.

Turnitin assignment

You should now see the assignment from your QMplus course area.

Note: Setting up the iPad app for one assignment in the course will automatically set it up for all Turnitin assignments in that course area meaning that you do not need to go through the process of generating an access code for them.  If, however, you want to set up the app to mark assignments in a different QMplus course area, you will have to go through the access code generation process again.

Tap on the assignment you wish to grade.

This screen shows a variety of information about my assignment. I can see that eight students have submitted their work. None have been graded yet. The downward pointing arrows indicate that the assignments have not been downloaded to my iPad yet.  To download an assignment to your iPad, tap on it.

A window will pop up asking if you want to download all the papers for the assignment.
If you have a lot of assignments, this process may take a long time.  If you select “Not Now”, only the assignment you have selected will be downloaded to your iPad.

Tip: When you are using the app for the first time, you may want to download a few papers at one time, rather than attempting the whole class in one go, particularly if you have a large number of students.  You can have a go at marking a small number of assignments and uploading them so you can get a feel for how things work and how long it takes to transfer the data.

Adding more assignments

You can add more assignments to the app by going through step 1 again to generate the relevant access code.

Once you have generated the access code:

  1. Tap on the profile (head and shoulders) icon in the top right of the app
  2. Tap “Add class with access code”

Enter your class access code as described before.  Your class list in the app will now contain more than one class.

Things to be aware of:

Once you have your assignment(s) set up on your iPad there are a number of things you should keep in mind:

  • Although you had to use a class code to set up your app to mark your assignment, you will notice that you are not asked for this again when you are using the app.  This means that anyone who has access to your iPad could potentially change your student grades and feedback either maliciously or accidently.  If your iPad is connected to the internet, these changes may be automatically uploaded to Turnitin.  If you haven’t already, think about securing your iPad with a passcode and also take care if you allow anyone else to use your iPad.  You can unlink your iPad from Turnitin to remove student data.
  • Unlinking your iPad from Turnitin will remove all student data from your iPad.  You can see the “Unlink iPad from Turnitin” option in the profile menu in the previous screen shot. Note that if you have more than one assignment on your iPad, it is not possible to unlink individual assignments, unlinking removes all data for all assignments.
  • If you do work offline, try to upload your marking as often as you can, especially if you have large numbers of assignments.  This will protect you in the event of anything untoward happening to your iPad.  The app will indicate whether you have any data that hasn’t been uploaded yet.
  • The app is not designed for use by multiple markers on an assignment.  If more than one person is marking, there is a very high chance that they may overwrite each other’s work.

Next steps

This guide has covered how to get set up to start marking with the Turnitin app.  If you want further guidance on marking with the app, the Turnitin website has a number of useful training resources on:


If you need more guidance on setting up a “Turnitin assignment” in your QMplus course area please see our Setting up a Turnitin assignment guide.

If you would like to have access to a test assignment on QMplus to allow you to try out the app, please contact the E-Learning Unit on and we will help you.

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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