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Structuring resources and activities with a subpage

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The subpage resource in QMplus allows you to group resources and activities together on a single page in much the same way you group them in topic sections on the main page of your course. Using a subpage allows you to move items from your main page, keeping them clutter free and presenting information in a way that is easier for students to navigate.

If you are finding that you have too many activities and resources in the topics on your main QMplus page, a subpage might be the thing for you.

If you only want to add text and/or images to your page…don’t use a subpage. Use a page instead. Only use a subpage if you want to put resources and activities on it.


This guide covers:

Note: You cannot use labels on a subpage. If you need to use labels, you should consider using a page instead. See our guide on Creating a page for more information.

What does a subpage look like?

A subpage appears as a link on your main QMplus page.

Selecting the link takes you to another page which can show resources and activities in exactly the same way as your main page.

The subpage displays resources and activities in the same way as the course main page

  1. This is your subpage title
  2. This is your subpage description
  3. The page can contain resources and activities and these display in the same way as on your main page.
    In this example there is a page, a QMplus Media video resource, a file and a quiz.

How to create a subpage

To create a subpage, turn editing on and click on Add an activity or resource in the topic where you wish the subpage to appear.

Select the Subpage from the activity picker.

Fill in a name and, optionally, a description for your subpage. Note that the description cannot be displayed on the course page, it only appears on the subpage itself.

Select the Save and display button at the bottom of the page.

You will find yourself on your new subpage where you can start to add activities and resources.

How to add activities and resources

You can add activities and resources to your subpage in the same way you add them to your main QMplus page.

First ensure you have editing turned on and then go to your subpage.

  1. Ensure the subpage section is hidden by using the hide/show icon that appears as an eye. It should appear with a line through it. This seems like an odd thing to do however if it you don’t do this your students will be able to see strange extra topics on your course main page. This is likely to be confusing.
  2. Activities and resources can then be added to this section in exactly the same way as on your course main page by selecting the Add an activity or resource link. Select the activity or resource you want and then configure it as you would normally.

Once you have added and configured your activity or resource, change the setting to Make available to make it visible to students. If you don’t do this, students won’t be able to see it!

Repeat this process to add all the activities and resources you want to your subpage. Remember to set the Make available option on all of them.

As you are adding activities, you may find that you end up back on your course main page when you least expect it. Unfortunately, this is one of the quirky behaviours of the subpage resource. If this happens, you have to locate the subpage and click on the title to return to editing it.

You can also move resources or activities from your main QMplus page onto your subpage by selecting the Move items to this page link and selecting the items you want to move.

Adding sections to your subpage

By default your subpage will have one section. You can, however, add more sections to your subpage which allows you to further organise your resources and activities.

In this example there are two sections on the page. Sections can have headings and descriptions which can help in organising and signposting the resources and activities.

Ensure that you set your sections to be hidden as you create them, make sure the eye icon has a line through it. Every section you create will create a new topic on your main page which will be confusing if left visible to students.

Checking your subpage looks right

It’s a good idea to check that your subpage looks right by switching your role to a student (pull down your dashboard and select the Switch role to… link) and ensuring that all your resources and activities are visible, or hidden, as appropriate.

Common problems

  • There’s these odd topics on my QMplus home page – this is caused by not hiding the sections in your subpage using the “eye” icon. Make sure they are all set to hidden and that all your resources and activities on your subpage are set to Make available
  • Students can’t see the resources and activities on my subpage – this is usually caused by not setting the resources and activities to Make available

See the section on Adding resources and activities for more information.

Copying subpages from one QMplus area to another

If you have created a subpage resource that you would like to use in another QMplus area you can copy it by using the Copy Subpage feature. Go to your subpage and you will find a Copy subpage item in the Settings block.

When using this feature your subpage will be copied to topic 0 of another QMplus area and will be automatically hidden. You can drag the subpage to where you want it and unhide it.

Note that you cannot copy a subpage by using the sharing cart.

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