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Structuring resources and activities with a sub-page

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The sub-page resource in QMplus allows you to group together resources and activities on a single page in much the same way as you group them in topic sections on the main page of your course. Using a sub-page allows you to move items from your main page, keeping them clutter free and presenting information in a way that is easier for students to navigate.

This guide covers:

Note: Resource type “Label” does not support Stealth Mode (Make available or Make unavailable). If you are already using “Labels” on your sub-pages, we would recommend you to replace them with resource type “Page”.

Creating a sub-page

Step 1: You create a sub-page resource in the same way as any other resource. With editing turned on in your course area, click on Add an activity or resource in the Section or Topic where you wish the sub-page to appear.

Snapshot of adding an sub page resource

Step 2: Fill in a name and a description for your sub-page and then click the “Save and display” button at the bottom of the page. You will find yourself on your new sub-page, or if you click on “Save and return to course” you will have to scroll to the Section / Topic where you have added this resource.

Snapshot of adding an sub page resource

Step 3: Go to the sub-page resource (on your main course page under the section or topic where you have added this) and click on the title to open the sub-page resource. In order to add and remove activities in sub-page resource make sure to “Turn Editing On”.

Snapshot of adding an sub page resource

Step 4: Click on the “Hide” icon to hide this section from the course main page.

Snapshot of adding an sub page resource


  1. If not hidden, the section or topic associated with this sub-page resource will be visible to students on your main module page. This is confusing for students.
  2. Activities and resources can be added to this section by clicking on the Add an activity or resource link. Once you have added a new activity or resource, change its setting to “Make Available”. Otherwise, your students will not be able to see them.
  3. You can add further sections to the page by clicking the Add section button
  4. Instead of creating an item on this page, you can move an existing item from elsewhere in your course to this page

Step 5:  Click on “Add an activity or resource” to add activities or resources to this sub-page. Change the activity or resource setting to “Make available” for each activity or resource to make it visible to students.Snapshot of adding an sub page resource

You can now start to add resources and activities to your sub-page in the same way you would in the topics in your main course page.

As you are adding activities, you may find that you end up back on your course main page when you least expect it. Unfortunately, this is one of the quirky behaviours of the sub-page resource. If this happens, you have to locate the sub-page and click on the title to return to editing it.

Editing items on a sub-page

Once you have started adding items (resources or activities) to a sub-page, you may find that you need to go back to edit or delete them. To edit settings you can open the sub-page resource you have added earlier and manage each activity or resource there.

Snapshot of adding an sub page resource



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