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Submitting to a video assignment (New)

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For: StudentApplication: Assignments , QMplus , QMplus Media

This guide covers

  • How to submit a video to a video assignment on QMplus


  1. Upload your media file to QMplus by following the steps in this video guide
  2. Click upon the video assignment link video assignment icon and link name
  3. Click ‘add submission’
  4. Click on the QMplus Media icon:
  5. Select the video which you’ve uploaded to your ‘My Media’ area and the size:
  6. If you are sure you want to wish to submit this video, click the button which reads ‘yes, please’ (PLEASE NOTE, YOUR VIDEO WILL BE SUBMITTED AS A DRAFT AND STILL REQUIRES YOU TO CONFIRM SUBMISSION)
  7. In the following window, click on the ‘Embed’ button, to the bottom left of the screen
  8. In the previous assignment window, click ‘save changes’
  9. Your draft submission will now be displayed, like this example below:
  10. You can now finalise your submission, via the ‘Submit Assignment’ button below (or can select another video via ‘Edit Submission’ should you wish)

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