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Assignments – Turnitin: Can I use Turnitin outside of QMplus?

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Currently Turnitin is available to instructors who have access to a QMplus course, as an option for detecting plagiarism in assignments and forums.

In instances when staff do not have access to a QMplus course area (for example, non teaching staff), we can arrange for a Turnitin account to be set-up, for users to then use via

What to do?

  1. Those requesting Turnitin access should raise an ITS-Helpdesk ticket, giving details of their role at the university, the document which they are to search originality for, plus details of the creator of the document. Please note, instructor access is not available to students.
  2. Upon confirmation, a Turnitin instructor account will be created for the user, for allowing them to log into using their standard username and password.
  3. The user may then create a class in which to check the originality score of a document by following the steps below

How to set up the Turnitin class and assignment

Click on ‘Add Class’ in the top right corner of the screen add class

You can now enter details for the class you are creating

create class


Upon clicking ‘Submit’ your class will be created and you will see a confirmation such as the one below: course created


You will now see the class appear in a list of courses available to you.

You will need to create an assignment where the document will be submitted. To add an assignment to the class, click on the name of the class.
bills turnitin


Then click ‘add assignment in the following screen add assignment

You can now add a name, point value, start date, end date and cut off date (labelled post date), with additional options being available in the ‘optional settings’, before finalising these details by clicking ‘submit’.

Within the ‘optional settings’, the following can be chosen:

  • Special instructions
  • Allow submissions after the due date?
  • Generate originality reports for submissions?
  • Timing of when the originality reports are generated
  • Exclude bibliographic materials from similarity index?
  • Exclude quoted materials from similarity index?
  • Exclude small matches?
  • Allow students to see the originality reports?
  • Enable anonymous marking?
  • Repository options
  • Rubric options


Upon finalising such settings, click submit and the assignment will be assignment





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