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Updating Assessment Information in Topic 0

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As of 2017, the assignment information area of Topic 0 is automatically populated with any assignments. In addition, you can now add, hide and move resources and activities within the first column.

Should your course area have a large number of assignments, it may look a bit unsightly when they are all listed in one section. Should this be the case, you can move assignments from one section to another and then hide the additional section to keep Topic 0 more navigable.

Change of behaviour after July 2018 upgrade

As a result of changes in Moodle 3.4 and the introduction of “Stealth Mode“, the Assessment Information Block now behaves differently.

Section 52 (at the bottom of the course page) which is created when Adding a new Resource or Activity in Assessment Information Block will be automatically renamed when teachers or course administrators drag and drop sections to change order. This means that when users add a new activity or resource in Assessment Information Block at a later stage (after the section has been renamed), the system will create a new Section 52 which will subsequently be renumbered if the course is reorganised.

In order to keep track of the activities in Section 52 generated by the Assessment Information Block, we suggest that users should:

  1. Manually rename it with a Custom Title e.g “Assessment Information Block Section”. Section 52 Snapshot
  2. Move any new activities or resources to your manually renamed section and delete the newly created Section 52 to keep your course area tidy.Section 52 Snapshot
  3. Change the activity setting to “Make available”Section 52 snapshot

How to add the Assessment Information block to Topic 0

1. Click ‘Turn editing on’ and select Assessment Information from ‘Add a Block.’

assessment information

2. Once you have selected this block, it will appear in the left hand side of the course, with sections for ‘Assessment Overview’ and ‘Submit Assignments’. You will need to configure this block so that it appears in Topic 0, with the option to add additional sections.

Configuring the Assessment Information block

1. Click on the cog icon and then on ‘Configure Assessment information block’.

configure assessment overview

2. Should you wish, you can also choose to select ‘Enable extra section’ underneath the text editor, by ticking the check box, then choose a heading for this new section.

extra section

3. You can now select where you wish this block to appear. Under ‘Where this block appears,’ select where you would like the block to be displayed. Select ‘Topic Zero’ for the default region. Under the settings for ‘On this page,’ select ‘Topic Zero’ for the region.

where it appears

4.  Click Save Changes, to save the changes for this block’s configuration settings. When you navigate back to the course page, you should now see the new section which you can add resources and assignments to.

Removing the old Topic 0

1. In order to remove the old Topic 0 which appears above the new one, click on the cog icon as highlighted below:

2. To do so, delete the text which appears in the text editor box, highlighted below

3. Then click save changes at the bottom.

How to hide the assignments which you don’t wish to appear

The ‘Submit Assignments’ information will display any assignments which you have created or were brought across when the course was rolled over. Should there be assignments which you don’t wish to appear, these can be dragged across to the new section which you’ve created and this section can then be hidden.

1. Click Turn editing on.

2. Drag the assignments to the new section you have created.

drag assignments

3. Click on the cog icon above ‘Submit Assignments’ and then select ‘Configure Assessment Information Block’.

configure assessment overview2

4. Untick the ‘extra section’ check box, so this extra section with the assignments no longer appears.

5. Click Save Changes.




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