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What is opt-in and opt-out?

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Q-Review is an opt-in service at the college level, which means that the users can choose if they want to record their lectures and if they choose to do so they need to make a formal request to get their lectures recorded. This can be done by contacting Q-Review Bookings with a request.

However, a school can decide to become a Q-Review School. In this case all the lectures for that school that are taking place in Q-Review enabled rooms will be automatically recorded. Teaching staff still have a choice to opt-out if they do not wish to record their lecture and they should be informed before the recordings are scheduled. If so, they can do so by contacting their School’s Q-Review contact .

If the teacher does not opt-out then this is interpreted as consent to be recorded. Please refer to our ‘Becoming a Q-Review school’ to get more information.


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