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Accessing your personal timetable

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There are several ways you may find your personal timetable. This guide details the different ways that you may

My Timetable link

The quickest way within QMplus is via the My Timetable link which appears in the fly-down dashboard: 

You will then find the My Timetable option, as shown below:

You will then see the timetable for your modules which you are enrolled on, like this:


Module Info Block

Some module areas may include the Module Info block, which often links to the timetable.

To access the module info block, where one has been included, please navigate to a QMplus course area 

On the right hand side of the page, you may then find the module info block, which contains a link to your timetable at the bottom of it:

Timetables Website

Should your modules on QMplus not have this block/link to your timetable, please access it directly via the webpageUpon clicking on ‘Students’ you can view your personal timetable by entering your student ID number, then selecting the week/semester, day of the week and time period, before clicking on ‘View Timetable’.

Timetable Widget

Timetables widget is can be added to your “Dashboard” from the list of “Available Widgets”.  To  add  the  widget,  Open  Dashboard  —>  Click  on  “Available widgets”  —>  Click  on  + sign. You can now see “My Timetable” widget under “My  widgets”.Timetable Widget SnapshotTimetable widget snapshot 2

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