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Where do I see my grades?

First of all, it depends on whether your lecturer has chosen to release the grades. If they have, then there are 4 ways to view your grades and feedback.

The grades and feedback can be accessed via:

  • The ‘Assessments widget’ in the fly-down dashboard
  • The assignment’s link shown in the QMplus course area
  • The assignment link in the assessment information block, when present
  • Gradesplus

Via fly-down dashboard:

Directly via the assignment in the course area:

Should this Assessment Information block not be present, one can access the assignment links from the topic areas further down the page.

Via Gradesplus

The last method to access grades and feedback, is via Gradesplus.

Gradesplus appears as an option in the fly-down dashboard, shown below:

Settings Block

Links to Grades and Gradesplus are also available under “Settings Block” in your module.

Snapshot of Settings Block

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