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Q-Review Policy

The service is governed by a Policy which can be viewed here: Q-Review Policy v3.6 – (Approved by Senate 9th June 2016) Any member of staff using the system is encouraged to read the policy in full. In summary, the overarching principles of the Policy are that Q-Review is established as a service which:

  1. provides lecture recordings for use by all QMUL students for review, revision and to support their learning;
  2. provides valuable resources to help students with disabilities and learning difficulties engage with standard lectures;
  3. facilitates the creation of flexible learning resources to further develop the portfolio of QMUL teaching staff and encourage innovative teaching;
  4. is ‘opt-in’ for staff to use when they want to record their own lectures for educational purposes.
  5. promotes excellence in learning and teaching in line with the QMUL’s Strategic Plan and Student Experience, Teaching, Learning and Assessment (SETLA) Strategy; it is not a tool to monitor staff for performance management and quality control.
  6. produces recordings for time-limited use and not for long-term archiving or posterity.

Useful Links

JISC Legal: Tutor checklist for lecture capture (August 2013) JISC Legal: Recording lectures – legal considerations (July 2010) ******************************************************************************************************************

Becoming a Q-Review School

A Q-Review School is one where all the lectures within the school are recorded automatically by default (as long as they take place in Q-Review enabled rooms). Lecturers within a Q-Review School must opt out of this default process if they would not like to be recorded. A Q-Review tool will appear on QMplus module areas to enable student access to the recording once it is published.

The E-Learning Unit must approve the decision to operate a default lecture recording policy (i.e. record all live teaching events by default). This approval will be given provided that capacity and resources allow and that the guidelines laid out in the policy are followed. Please involve the E-Learning Unit in discussions as early as possible. A faculty/school/department or institute can only make the decision to become a Q-Review School at the beginning of a semester and a Q-Review contact must be identified for each school.

A request for a change to become a Q-Review school should be made to the E-Learning Unit at least seven weeks before the service is to be implemented. The request can be made by emailing or via the ELU representative on your E-Learning User Group. The request should include:

1. A description of the default recording policy you will be adopting in your area;

2. The date you intend to begin default recording;

3. The name of your Q-Review contact;

4. The process by which individuals may opt-out from being recorded – there are suggested guidelines written for the HSS faculty on the ELU website. This should be tailored to suit your school but we recommend your proposed process is discussed with the ELU.

Once the decision is confirmed:

  • the E-Learning website will be updated to reflect the decision (i.e your School and contact will be added to the Q-Review list)  with the information supplied above;
  • the AV bookings team will schedule all teaching that occurs in any Q-Review enabled room;
  • (if required) the ELU will add the Q-Review tool to all QMplus module/course areas to enable student access to their recordings.
  • The Q-Review contact will collect any opt outs for the School before the start of term and pass this information to Q-Review Bookings to ensure that these teaching activities are not recorded.

The change must be communicated to teaching staff, guest speakers and students as per guidelines. Any changes to schedules must be communicated to the Q-Review Bookings Team (

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