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  • Please ensure that you have the venue booked in advance before requesting a Q-Review recording. Also, don’t forget to notify Q-Review Bookings should there be any changes to your room booking.
  • Please make your Q-Review request at least 5 working days in advance of the event.
  • For Help and Support visit Q-Review support or log into our online Helpdesk at .
Contact Details
The contact person must be a QMUL member of staff.
Full Name *
College Username *
Email Address *
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School/Department *
Presenter Details
Please make sure you have taken consent from the presenters. All QMUL presenters must send an email confirming their consent. All external presenters must sign the consent form.

Please tick this box if the presenter details are the same as above:

Full Name
Email Address
Contact Number
Recording Information
Course Name/Module Code/Event Title *
Date of Recording *
How often capture should be repeated?

If the capture should be repeated, please give an end date here.
Reading Week (Do you need this recording scheduled during reading week?) * Yes 


Start Time and End Time: add time either side of the recording to allow for an early start or late finish
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End Time *
Any recordings for teaching will be archived after they are more than 1 year old and permanently deleted after they are more than 2 years old. Recordings for events will be kept permanently.

Should you wish to find out further information on our archive and deletion policy, please click here.

Recording Location *
Q-Review recording format required: *



Is this your first lecture capture recording?
QMplus Publishing:   If you need a link to the recordings to be automatically added to your QMplus course, please supply the exact course code and title. 
Do you want access to edit your recording? Yes 


Your recording will be editable for 28 days, during which time you can use the Presentation Editor to make simple changes.
I have sought permission from all presenters *
I have informed students that the session will be recorded *

Please note you will not receive a conformation screen or conformation email straight away. However, rest assured that your request has reached the AV Bookings team who will contact you shortly.

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