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Grades and feedback with Gradesplus

Comment made by staff member Gradesplus is an ongoing project being undertaken to improve access to grades and feedback on QMplus for both staff and students. On this page, you will find information about the project, what the current status is, what future plans are and details of how you can get involved.

We want input from as many in the QMUL community as possible so please get involved and make your voice heard.

What is Gradesplus?

Gradesplus is a project which we are working on to extend the functionality of QMplus to provide better access to grades and feedback for both staff and students. Currently grades and feedback can be found in a number of different places on QMplus, sometimes hidden at the bottom of screens and not always easy to find. There is also currently no easy way to see grades and feedback across modules in QMplus.

Gradesplus provides a single place to go to find all grades and feedback.

Why are we doing it?

There are a number of drivers behind Gradesplus:

  • Recent discussions with staff about e-assessment and e-feedback have highlighted a number of areas in which QMplus could be improved. Gradesplus can potentially address some of these areas. The image at the top of this page is a comment made at an event we ran in November 2015 on e-assessment and e-feedback.
  • Our experience with QMplus over the years has demonstrated that students can find it difficult to find important information. Grades and feedback should certainly not be buried in QMplus. We’d like to improve this where we can.
  • Feedback is always an issue in the student survey. While technology itself is not the solution, there are some ways in which it can potentially help
  • One of our Schools in particular had their own departmental system which provided functionality which was not available in QMplus. Gradesplus is a step towards filling that gap for them.

What does it look like?

In our first version of Gradesplus, we have concentrated on the student view of grades and feedback. Students in our pilot Schools now have access to a single page which lists all of the graded items available to them on QMplus. Where feedback has been made available to them electronically, they also have easy access to that feedback through the same Gradesplus page. Saving them having to click in and out of individual module areas to find the information.

Gradesplus also allows students to view their performance against those of their peers through a histogram feature.

You can find our more about what the student view of Gradesplus looks like in our A closer look at Gradesplus article.
What about staff?

The staff view of Gradesplus is very basic in the first version of Gradesplus. Staff can see a list of the modules they are teaching and can view the performance of each student on those modules.

We are aware that this is not likely to be the most useful view for staff and we intend to develop this view further in future developments.

What stage are we at?

Our first version of Gradesplus was released on March 22nd 2016 and is available to students and staff in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and the School of Mathematical Sciences (and also to students who are taking modules in those Schools). We are working with these two Schools to gather feedback.

We need your input!

We want to develop Gradesplus further. There are many ways in which we can develop it and we’ve already got a growing list of potential requirements. Including:

  • Different types of performance graph for students – currently we have two types of histogram. Are there other ways in which students should be able to visualise their performance?
  • The ability to turn off the performance graph feature – not all Schools are interested in providing performance statistics to their students.
  • Extending the feedback types we can deal with, e.g. to include grading forms and rubrics.
  • The ability to distinguish between formative and summative feedback. e.g. might we want to provide feedback without a grade?
  • A “personal tutor” interface allowing staff advisers to see the grades and feedback for their advisees across modules
  • The ability for students to see grades and feedback across years to allow them to see their own progress.
  • The ability for students to export grades and feedback to their e-portfolio in QMplus Hub for reflection
  • Notifications of grades and feedback being available

You might have other ideas yourself.

We can’t do everything all at once so we need to know which of these are most important to you to allow us to know what to prioritise.

What would make this a must have tool for you?

How can I find out more and get involved?

Staff or student, if you are not in one of the Schools that are piloting Gradesplus, we still really need to hear from you about what would make this a useful tool for you. Tell us what direction you’d like to see the project take and the features you’d like to see developed. We want this to be useful to as many users as possible.

Things you can do are:

  • Find out more about what Gradeplus is and how it works. The A closer look at Gradeplus article describes what the interface looks like. If you’d like a member of the team to give you a demonstration, get in touch with us.
  • Join the discussion in the E-Learning Practitioner’s Group on QMplus Hub. Anyone can join this group and we have set up a special discussion forum dedicated to Gradesplus. Let us know what you think.
  • Contact the E-Learning Unit, either contact your favourite friendly ELU face directly or send a message to and one of us will get back to you.
  • Contact your local e-learning support person. We’re keeping e-learning support staff across QMUL informed about Gradesplus developments so they will be able to help you.

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