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Plugins are evaluated and tested by the E-Learning Unit and IT Services teams before they are installed in QMplus. If you would like a plugin to be installed or developed for QMplus, please visit our plugin policy page for guidance.

QMplus has several plugins already installed that have either been developed in-house by our own developers, or have been contributed to the Moodle community by external developers (third parties), and added to our QMplus site after careful consideration. Plugins need to be re-tested every time we do an upgrade, as some plugins are not updated regularly and may no longer be supported when we upgrade QMplus.

Please note: QMUL developers are not able to update third party plugins. These need to be updated by the external company or third party who developed the plugin. In some cases we may need to discontinue using a plugin if it is no longer supported or updated by the developers, and where it is causing problems to the QMplus site.

You may not realise that you are using a QMplus plugin, so below is a list of currently available QMplus plugins. This list is not up to date. Please contact if you have any queries about plugins.

Plugin Description
Anonymous Posting in Forums Allows anonymous posting in forums.
Blog Tags Block Displays a list of blogs where font size visually indicates each blog’s use. The more frequently used blogs appear in a larger font size and least used in smaller fonts.
Book create multi-page resources with a book-like format.
BTEC grading form This is a grading form module which allows for the BTEC marking scheme to be incorporated into assignments.
Bulk enrolment (2015) Allow staff to bulk upload users onto course areas, and bulk enrol users into groups.
Certificate Creates PDF certificates or diplomas for students of the course and is completely customisable.
Chat Enables participants to have text-based, real-time synchronous discussions.
Checklist (2015) Allows teachers to create task lists for students to complete based upon either existing resources in QMplus or manually created items
Cohort Enrolment Allow bulk enrolment of users onto courses via a cohort.
Collapsed Topics Topic based course format with an individual ‘toggle’ for each topic/ week except the Summary.
Collapsed Weeks Week based course format with an individual ‘toggle’ for each week except the Summary. The current week is always shown.
Comments Block Can be added to any page to allow users to add comments.
Course Awards (2015) Allows for students to rate their courses and the courses to be awarded medals based upon student course ratings.
Course Meta Data updates (2015) Staff can add the Course Meta Data block to their course, which will compare information stored in SITS about the course, with information held in QMplus. Where there is a difference, this data will be highlighted and staff can make a decision to override information in QMplus with information from SITS
Course Profile or Advertisement Block Block on the homepage to advertise key courses as well as student or staff events happening around the University.
Custom Enrolment Mapper Surfaces the custom student enrolment and allows key staff to be able to edit these custom enrolments.
Database enables participants to create, maintain and search a collection of entries.
Echo360 (Q-Review) Allows for displaying of Q-Review lecture capture within QMplus
Evasys (2015) Allows integration with the Evasys online surveys system
Feedback Enables teachers to create a custom survey for collecting feedback from participants using a variety of question types including multiple choice, yes/no or text input
Folder enables a teacher to display a number of related files inside a single folder, reducing scrolling on a page.
Forum Enables teachers and students to exchanges ideas by posting comments.
Glossary Enables users to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary.
Gradesplus (2016) Allows students to view their grades and feedback, along with a histogram to see how they are performing in comparison to their classmates and what the range of grades is for the assignments.
Grid Format (QMUL) Hides all topics and creates a grid of icons (one for each topic) with short titles.
Group Choice Allows a user to select a group to be put into, within a particular course
Hidden Course Alert Alerts students that they are enrolled on a course that has not been made available instead of making the course completely hidden. Alerts teachers that they have not made the course visible to students.
HTML Block Used to add text, multimedia, widgets etc to a site front page or course page.
Jump Menu When the jump menu block is added it allows users to jump to a particular section or topic.
Label enables text and multimedia to be inserted into the course page in between links to other resources and activities.
Landing Pages School specific pages that students land on when they log into QMplus. These pages can be tailored to contain school specific information.
Lesson Sends a series of HTML pages to the student who is usually asked to make some sort of choice underneath the content area. The choice will send them to a specific page in the Lesson.
Lightbox Gallery Allows you to create ‘Lightbox’ enabled image galleries within your QMplus course.
Mahara (QMplus Hub) Assignment Allow for submitting Mahara pages to a QMplus assignment whilst also locking and unlocking the pages being assessed.
Mahara Portfolio (QMplus Hub) It can be used in place of, or in addition to, the standard QMplus blog system
Marking Report A bespoke grade marking system that removes students names and replaces with the user ID and IMAP usernames.
Mass Action (2015) Allows instructors to perform actions upon multiple resources or activities, rather than having to perform repeated actions on individual items. Allows the mass deletion, indentation, hiding and showing of activities and resources within sections on a particular QMplus Course.
Media Core (QMplus Media) Allows access to the MediaCore platform from within the QMplus site. Through being able to embed files from your MediaCore site directly within QMplus.
Mentees Block Provides mentors with quick access to their mentee(s) profile page(s).
Menu block The block provides navigation between course sections (topics/weeks).
Merge user accounts Allows users QMplus accounts to be merged into one account.
Messages Block Displays a list of new messages you have received, with a link to your Messages window.
Module Completion Status Block shows what has been done towards completing the course. The student and teacher will both see this block.
Module Dashboard Displays key recent activities, such as forum posts and assignment activities.
Module Information Block Allows teaching staff to easily pull information from the HR database onto their course areas and to indicate specific information about the course into a block.
My QMplus Block Displays courses that users are enrolled on on the QMplus homepage within a scrolling frame; users can now put these courses in a more convenient order, from the ‘My QMplus module overview page’ .
My QMplus Modules This provides a list of all the modules a user has access to on QMplus.
Online Users Block Shows a list of users who have been logged into the current course.
OU Blog Mahara is an open source e-portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online learner communities. Mahara is designed to provide users with the tools to demonstrate their life-long learning, skills and development over time to selected audiences.
OU Wiki Provides a wiki based activity for users to work together in a group.
Page enables a teacher to create a web page resource using the text editor.
Pearsons Integrate the QMplus environment with the MyLab / Mastering and Course Connect products. This allows users in QMplus to directly access Pearson resources without having to log in again.
Physics School App Allows Physics school QMplus course pages to be automatically integrated onto the Physics website and viewable on mobile devices.
Private Files Block Enables access to a user’s private files area.
Progress (2015) A time-management tool for students. It visually shows what activities/resources a student is supposed to interact with in a course
QMplus Alert Messages An alert message at the top of QMplus pages. Used for emergencies.
QMplus Media Video enables a teacher to create a resource using a Kaltura video
QMplus Media Video (2016) This enables users to upload videos to their QMplus courses.
QMUL My Profile This is a link in the Settings block that exapnds to allow users to change certain elements of their profile on QMplus.
Questionnaire (2016) Allows teachers to create surveys within the Course.
Quickmail Provides selective, bulk emailing within courses.
Quiz question type: All or Nothing Multiple Choice This question type can be used in a quiz where it allows the selection of multiple responses from a pre-define list and uses all-or-nothing grading (100% or 0%).
Quiz question type: Drag and drop into text This question type can be used in a quiz where missing words in some text are filled in using drag-and-drop.
Quiz question type: Drag and drop matching This question type can be used in a quiz as an extension of the matching question that allows user to drag and drop items to match answers to subquestions.
Quiz question type: Gapfill This fill in the gap question type can be used in a quiz. It has fewer features than the standard Cloze type, but similar syntax.
Quiz question type: Multinumerical This question type can be used in a quiz where it allows to create a question whose correct answers may be many, governed by equations or inequations.
Quiz question type: Ordering This drag-and-drop question type can be used in a quiz where items can be reordered either vertically or horizontally.
Quiz question type: Pattern match This question type can be used in a quiz where it allows a short response of one or a few sentences that is graded by comparing against various model answers.
Quiz question type: Reverse pattern match This question type can be used in a quiz where the sentence typed by the student is graded using pattern match rules entered by the teacher.
Quiz question type: Select missing words This question type can be used in a quiz where missing words in some text are filled in using dropdown menus.
Random Glossary Entry Block Used to display random entries from a glossary, which usually take the form of dictionary style definitions.
Reading Lists Online Integrates Reading Lists Online with QMplus, where it will display resource list links from Reading Lists Online for a given course.
Recent Activity Block :lists course activity, such as updated resources and activities, forum posts and assignment submissions, since the user last accessed the course.
Recent Blog Entries Block Configured to display the last N blog entries, filtered by context.
Recent Courses Allows user to view and easily access the last 6 courses visited.
Remote RSS Feeds Block enables RSS feeds from external websites to be displayed within Moodle.
Rollover Block (2015) Allows administrators to rollover their course areas at a time convenient to them.
Scheduler Helps you to schedule appointments with learners.
SCORM package A collection of files which are packaged according to an agreed standard for learning objects. The SCORM activity module enables SCORM or AICC packages to be uploaded as a zip file and added to a course.
Search Forums Block Allows you to search the course forums for a word or phrase.
Sharing Cart (2016) Enables sharing of Moodle content (resources, activities) between multiple courses on your site.
Side Bar (2016) Allows the functionality of the Site main menu block to work within courses.
Site Messages A Ticker-like newsfeed on the QMplus homepage and throughout the site. Allows E-Learning staff to add messages as well as the feed picks up the RSS feeds from the ITS Status pages and from individual school landing pages.
SITS Marks Transfer Easily transfer marks entered in QMplus to the university’s SITS system
Sub-page Allows you to add QMplus activities onto inner page within course
Survey Provides a number of verified survey instruments, including COLLES and ATTLS. Teachers can use these to gather data from their students that will help them learn about their class and reflect on their own teaching.
Tab Display Enables users to display course information such as notes, readings, biography etc, in a tab structure per chapter/module within a course.
Timetable Allow students to easily access their timetable information via QMplus
Topics format (QMUL) The course page is organised into topic sections.
Turnitin (Version 2) Allows for assignments in QMplus with the full suite of Turnitin features including Grade Mark and similarity reports.
Upcoming Events Block Displays future events in a summarized list.
URL enables a teacher to provide a web link as a course resource
Video Assignment (2016) Enables teachers to add video assignments which can be marked via the gradebook.
Video Assignment (2016) Allows teachers to create video assignments and students to submit video files as assignments.
Weekly format (QMUL) The course page is organised into weekly sections.
Welcome Block provides a Welcome Area for Moodle courses that is unique by instructor instead of by course. This is useful for displaying information that is repeated by a teacher across a number of courses.
WileyPlus (2016) WileyPlus is used by colleagues in the School of Engineering and Material Sciences with their students. The WileyPlus plugin has been added to allow easier integration with QMplus.
Workshop enables the collection, review and peer assessment of students’ work.
Zoom Allows users to zoom in and out the page they are viewing by knocking out the blocks around the page.
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