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QMplus course listing

The table below shows all courses that are currently available to students on QMplus. You can use the search function to search for particular course areas. If a course is not listed, this means that there is either no course area on QMplus or the staff member has not made the course available to students yet.

The “Enrolment” column shows how enrolment for that course is managed:

  • Automatic – the course is linked to the central student information system. Students must be registered appropriately centrally to get access to the course area. The “Who is automatically enrolled?” column gives details of how you need to be registered in order to get access to the course area. If you are a student can check your own enrolments by logging in to mySIS.
  • Manual – enrolment is handled by the course organiser. If you wish to get access to this course area you should contact the course organiser in the first instance. Please note that the Helpdesk cannot enrol students onto course areas without the permission of the course owner.