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Turnitin Issues: Dec 2021 – Feb 2022

17 December 2021 Posted in: News Tagged: By: Alysa Bramble

Latest Update – Thursday, 17th February 2022

17 February 2022: The Turnitin submission backlog has been cleared. The root cause is still to be identified and the team continue to closely monitor the situation.

21 January 2022: We are dealing with a backlog of Turnitin submissions, if your file fails to submit to Turnitin please be patient as the submission will go through once the queue shortens – you do not need to resubmit your files again. There will be a record of your submission in QMplus.

22 December 2021: The changes made to QMplus on Tuesday 21st December were successful however there will still be some delays to the generation of Turnitin reports for any new submissions made over the coming days and we are working to clear the backlog of Turnitin submissions that have built up.

Once again we apologise for the inconvenience that these issues have caused and ask for your continued patience as we work towards a full resolution.

You can see the latest updates on the issue on the ITS Service Status page.

Once again, we wish to reassure staff and students that the issue only relates to the transfer of assignment files from QMplus to the Turnitin service. Submitted files are safely stored on QMplus and are recorded as submitted.

The issue explained

The issue does not impact all users, but some students receive an error message when they submit their assignment in QMplus. This message states:

Turnitin has returned an error with your submission. The file failed to upload.

The issue is with the connection to the Turnitin plagiarism-detection server, as the automatic onward submission to the Turnitin server appears to fail in some instances. This means students might not receive the similarity report they would normally expect, and the TurnItIn Feedback Studio cannot be used for marking those assignments. In some instances the report will generate later, when a connection is successfully made to Turnitin.

This error message does not mean the assignment has not been submitted to the course. As can be seen in ‘Submission status’ highlighted in green the assignment has been ‘Submitted for grading’.

Students can be reassured as long as the highlighted ‘Submitted for grading’ message appears then the assignment has been successfully submitted to the course and is safely stored on QMplus.


What is Turnitin??

For more information about Turnitin, please visit the Turnitin sections on our website.

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