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Queen Mary has over 100 lecture rooms which are Q-review enabled. Check to see if your teaching room is Q-review enabled, if it is then book a recording.

Site Lecture Theatre
Charterhouse Square John Vane Building, Willoughby Lecture Theatre
Charterhouse Square Rotblat, G.02
Charterhouse Square Rotblat, G.05
Charterhouse Square Rotblat, G.06
Charterhouse Square Rotblat, G.09
Charterhouse Square Wolfson Institute, Room 130
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Auditorium
Lincoln’s Inn Fields LG1
Lincoln’s Inn Fields LG2
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Room 1.2
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Room 2.1
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Room 2.2
Malta Refalo, Room 65
Malta Refalo, Room 67b
Mile End ArtsOne, 1.28
Mile End ArtsOne, ArtsOne LT
Mile End ArtsTwo, ArtsTwo LT
Mile End ArtsTwo, 2.17
Mile End ArtsTwo, 3.16
Mile End ArtsTwo, 3.20
Mile End Bancroft Building, 1.13
Mile End Bancroft Building, 1.13a
Mile End Bancroft Building, 1.15
Mile End Bancroft Building, 1.15a (POD Installation)
Mile End Bancroft Building, 2.40
Mile End Bancroft Building, 3.26
Mile End Bancroft Building, 3.40
Mile End Bancroft Building, 4.04/4.08
Mile End Bancroft Building, David Sizer LT
Mile End Bancroft Building, Mason LT
Mile End Bancroft Road, 3.01
Mile End Bancroft Road, 3.02
Mile End Engineering, Room B9
Mile End Engineering, 2.07
Mile End Engineering, 2.09
Mile End Engineering, 2.16
Mile End Engineering, 3.24
Mile End Engineering, 3.25
Mile End Fogg Building, 1st Floor Lab A
Mile End Fogg Building, Fogg LT
Mile End G.O. Jones Building, G.O. Jones LT
Mile End G.O. Jones Building, LG1
Mile End G.O. Jones Building, UG1
Mile End Geography Building, 1.26
Mile End Geography Building, 2.20
Mile End Geography Building, 2.26
Mile End Geography Building, Drapers LT
Mile End Graduate Building, 1.01
Mile End Graduate Building, 1.14
Mile End Graduate Building, 2.01
Mile End Graduate Building, 2.04
Mile End Graduate Building, 2.22
Mile End Graduate Building, 3.01
Mile End Graduate Building, 3.04
Mile End Graduate Building, 3.05
Mile End Graduate Building, 6.01
Mile End Graduate Building, Peston LT
Mile End Laws, G5
Mile End Laws, 1.00
Mile End Laws, 1.02
Mile End Laws, 1.12
Mile End Laws, 2.07
Mile End Laws, 2.09
Mile End Laws, 2.10
Mile End Library, 1.01
Mile End Maths Building, Room 2.03
Mile End Maths Building, Room 2.04
Mile End Maths Building, Room 3.02
Mile End Maths Building, Room 5.03
Mile End Mile End Hospital, Sports Medicine Seminar Room
Mile End Peoples Palace, Great Hall
Mile End Peoples Palace, PP1
Mile End Peoples Palace, PP2
Mile End Peoples Palace, Skeel LT
Mile End Queens Building, LG1
Mile End Queens Building, LG2
Mile End Queens Building, LG3
Mile End Queens Building, LG6
Mile End Scape Building, Room 0.14
Mile End Scape Building, Room 0.15 (Seminar Room)
Mile End Hospital Sports Science Seminar Room
Robin Brook Centre Bainbridge Room
Robin Brook Centre Morris LT
Robin Brook Centre Patterson Ross LT
Robin Brook Centre Seminar Room 4 (Boyle Room)
Whitechapel Abernethy, Room A
Whitechapel Alex Wing, 3rd Floor Seminar Room
Whitechapel Alex Wing, 4th Floor Seminar Room
Whitechapel Alex Wing, 5th Floor Seminar Room
Whitechapel Alex Wing, Bearsted LT
Whitechapel Alex Wing, John Ellis LT
Whitechapel Blizard Building, Neuron Pod
Whitechapel Blizard Building, Perrin LT
Whitechapel Floyer House, Laird Hall
Whitechapel Garrod Building, 1.21
Whitechapel Garrod Building, 1.36
Whitechapel Garrod Building, 3.06
Whitechapel Garrod Building, Milton LT
Whitechapel Innovation Building, Clark-Kennedy LT
Whitechapel Wingate Institute, Seminar Room
Whitechapel Yvonne Carter Building, Michael Mason Room
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