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Q-Review Policy – Major Changes

Below is a brief summary of the major changes which have been made to the Q-Review policy:

  • Inclusion of indicator light and camera tracking references throughout document
  • Updated details on user permissions to reflect changes to the access and management of recordings (section 4.3)
  • Clarification of ownership of IP rights vs performance rights (section 5.3.1)
  • Clarification of administration of recordings in the absence of the presenter (section 5.3.4)
  • Expansion of take down policy to include the unpublishing of content as an interim measure should there be a breach of copyright or should consent be missing (section 5.6.8 & section 5.9)
  • Availability of recordings to be extended before they are archived and deleted, as agreed at a School level, to ensure that students have access to learning content for the duration of their studies
  • Clarification of responsibilities of the E-Learning Unit and presenters being recorded by those in ‘Q-Review Schools’ (section 6.2.4)
  • Itemisation of processes for Schools’ Q-Review Contacts, detailing the steps for correspondence and collating of opt-out information (section 6.3.7 – 6.3.12)

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