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29 October 2020 Posted in: Tips Tagged: By: Richard Chantler

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked via The Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1: When I login to QMplus I see the wrong landing page. How can I change it?
Answer 1:If you need to change your landing page, you can follow the quick steps in this guide: How to change your landing page in QMplus.

Question 2: Occasionally some users experience an A00 error when joining a Blackboard Collaborate sessions. How can this be fixed?
Answer 2:Users should refresh their browser before trying to reconnect to the session. If the issue persists, users can get in touch using the ITS Live Chat service. 

Question 3: A student tells me that they joined my Blackboard Collaborate session and found that they were the only person in the room, but everyone else was in the correct room. How did this happen? 
Answer 3:If you are using the external tool (LTI) version of Blackboard Collaborate, you’ll see that there is a course room at the top of the page and your scheduled sessions appear below this area. The course room is an open session that can be used at any time. Users who find themselves alone in a room have entered the course room instead of entering the scheduled session. If you don’t want students to be able to join the open course room session, you can lock the room by opening the More menu and selecting Lock course room. 

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