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Recording Good Audio

25 August 2016 Posted in: Tips By: Gary Schwartz

When people think of making a video they think of the image, but it is really important to consider the audio. Poorly recorded or distracting audio can put your audience off. Audio is also not easy to fix when editing so getting it right at the time of recording can save you a lot of heartache later.

  1. Try and find a location that is as quiet as possible, some background noise is acceptable and sometimes expected. If you are recording in someone’s office you would expect very little background noise, if it is outdoors, in a communal area or event you would expect some.
  2. Just the noise by closing windows and doors.
  3. Get the microphone as close as possible without being too close and distracting in shot. Wireless microphones are good for this.
  4. Wear headphones so you can hear how it sounds, if someone is wearing a wireless microphone you may find the microphone is rubbing against clothing and need to move it.
  5. Check the sound level by getting them to talk and making sure it is not too low or too high, if you look at the audio meter and it is going to the end of the range it is probably distorting. The image below shows you roughly where the audio level should be.
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