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Commonly asked support questions

2 September 2020 Posted in: Articles, Uncategorized By: Richard Chantler

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked via The Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1: How can I migrate content across from one course area to another?
Answer 1: There are a few options available to you, but the easiest way is to add the ‘Sharing Cart’ block and to either add whole topics to it each time, or individual activities/resources. In the destination course area, the content can then be selected from the Sharing Cart to be placed wherever needed.

Question 2: When will my students be enrolled to the QMplus course areas?
Answer 2: Students whom have onboarded and have an IT account will receive access to QMplus, then once they’ve enrolled to the modules of study, a feed between SITS and QMplus should mean they have access to their course areas within 24 hours. If any students do not, please ensure they check MySIS to ensure all the correct modules are showing there.

Question 3: I can’t see my students on QMplus Hub to add them to groups, how can I find/select them?
Answer 3:  Your students will become available in QMplus Hub once they have clicked through into that system.

Question 4: I can’t see my Q-Review sections for the 2020/21 academic year, where are they?
Answer 4:  IT-Services are currently working on the creation of these Q-Review sections for your modules, which will be available shortly.

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