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Commonly Asked Support Questions (September 2015)

28 October 2015 Posted in: Uncategorized Tagged: By: Rume Begum

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked on the Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1:  I am unable to enrol the student ‘XXX’. Could you please help?

Answer 1: We have received a few queries like this, where the student is already enrolled onto the course and teachers/admins have tried to re-enrol them. Please first check to see if the student is already enrolled on the module by searching for them on the enrolled user search field.

If the student is not already enrolled on the module, please follow the instructions in this guide to enrol them:

Question 2: I can no longer login to QMplus and I was able to this morning. Can you help?

Answer 2: During week one we experienced some issues where some user accounts were deleted from QMplus. Most user accounts have now been restored on QMplus. If you are still having problems with your user account being able to access QMplus, please raise a ticket with the HelpDesk.

For more information, please refer to this article.

Question 3: I wish to record my lectures/opt out of recording my lectures, what should I do?

Answer 3: You should email the AV bookings team ( who can process this request for you. In your email, remember to include the name and presenter of the recording, location, date and time of the recording. We can liaise with AV Bookings on your behalf, but it would be quicker to contact them directly to schedule any future recordings or opt out of being recorded (if you are in a School operating an opt-out policy).

You may find the guides below useful:

Question 4: The following students have been un-enrolled from SITS for module ‘XXX’ but appear to remain enrolled on QMplus. Can they be removed?

Answer 4: A setting in QMplus needed to be updated and we were waiting for our service provider to change the setting. This has now been done as of Friday 16th October and students will now be removed from the QMplus course as expected. If you come across any further instances where the student is not removed from the module, then please raise a ticket.

Question 5: I am a new member of staff and I would like to access the materials for the module ‘XXX’ for last year but I do not have access to the 2014/15 area. Can you give me access please?

Answer 5: The administrator of your School has the rights to enrol you onto the module. We would advise that you contact them for access to your module in the first instance. If for some reason they are unable to give you the access to the course you require, then please raise a ticket.

To read other commonly asked questions on support, please see: Support questions

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