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Tips – February

1 March 2018 Posted in: Uncategorized By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

We have received a large number of inquiries from you all over the past month. Here are some tips to help with any inquiries which you receive or may have been wondering about yourselves:


Q-Review lecture recordings (publishing last year’s recordings in place of missing captures this year).

  • To publish recordings directly to another section, one must be listed as the ‘owner’ on the recording. The owner of the recording must have access to both the recording and the section which they are to wishing to publish to. Please see our guidance on this, here.¬†Those requesting a lecture capture from last year be published to this year’s section, via The Helpdesk, the express permission from the owner of the recording needs to be given.


Note taking functionality in Q-Review recordings

  • We have seen a take up in the use of the note taking feature in Q-Review, with particular popularity in HSS Schools. The ability to take time-stamped notes against the lecture recording, which can be downloaded & searched against has been asked about by students recently and the following guide has been created to help with their FAQs.


Why am I receiving messages about the QMUL Model? 

  • You will receive messages about the QMUL Model if you are either a tutor or a first year student is taking part on it. For more information on this, please click here.


Is there a way to download my students’ assignment marks from QMplus and then upload them to SITS?

  • Yes, there is as we now have something called SITS Marks Transfer which allows those with Super Admin access to download the marks entered in QMplus as a SITS-ready .csv file which can then be uploaded to SITS. We are currently working on expanding this functionality to work for associate students’ grades too. Please visit our guide here for more information.






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