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QMplus SITS MARKS TRANSFER to be released in April

Dear colleagues,

Last month I sent an email announcing the dates for the upcoming QMplus upgrade…

As we approach the upgrade, I will be sending updates on what you can expect between now and then.

QMplus Development
As part of enhancing QMplus, we are developing new features in-house. Some new features will be released during the upgrade, while others will be deployed in April, in order to give users a chance to use them in their teaching this academic year.

14th April – Scheduled Downtime
Please be aware that in order to deploy these new features, QMplus will experience some unavoidable disruption to normal service – being planned for Tuesday, 14th April during the normal at risk period of 7-9am.

One new feature that will be released in April is the SITS marks transfer functionality. This is the first version of this feature and will allow QMplus administrators within schools to transfer marks from QMplus into SITS by downloading a SITS-ready .csv file from the grades area in QMplus and then importing this file into SITS. This will save staff having to enter grades in QMplus and then re-entering the grades in SITS.

You can read up on the SITS Marks Transfer feature from our Help and Support pages, where we have created a user guide.

You can also read up on other development work on our QMplus Releases and Development pages.

Best Wishes,

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