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Lecture recording in the School of Medicine and Dentistry

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recording my lectures has not made a scrap of difference to students’ attendance

Professor Joy Hinson

Professor Joy Hinson reported that she had never received such a strongly consistent set of student feedback. In recent formal evaluations for her courses, students commented on how wonderful it was to have her lectures recorded as they were able to use these as a revision aid. Students also expressed that they wished other lecturers would follow suit.

Last year Professor Hinson used the Q-Review lecture capture service for the first time to record her live lectures in the Drapers and Perrin Lecture Theatres. She received twenty minutes of training, from the E-Learning Unit, on how to edit her recordings and has since recorded over twenty of her lectures and made them available via the University’s virtual learning environment. Professor Hinson commented that she was already being recorded by her students’ own devices, but with Q-Review she now has more control over the recordings as she “can choose what is included in the recordings and what is not”.

Professor Hinson decided to record her lectures because she feels it is important to support students’ learning as much as possible. She emphasised that students should not be penalised by not having the ability to review a lecture that they were unable to attend for circumstances beyond their control. The technology exists at Queen Mary to facilitate this type of review, and staff should be willing to engage with it.

When asked if her recordings have had an effect on students’ attendance, Professor Hinson emphatically professed that “recording her lectures has not made a scrap of difference to students’ attendance”. She explained that students used recordings to revise and fill in any missed concepts, not to skip class.

You can listen to Professor Hinson’s interview as she shares her experience of getting her lectures recorded and offers tips of what she has found works best for her, including what she does to encourage students to continue to attend.

To learn more about Q-Review lecture capture at Queen Mary – please visit our support pages.

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