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Videos on how to make videos

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Contributor: Dr Eli Vilar
Department: School of Language, Linguistics and Films

Dr Elina Vilar, Spanish Language Instructor, from the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film shares the work done on her project to produce videos to help teach students how to make videos. Eli wanted her students to make videos as part of her teaching and assumed that this was a skill that many of her students would already have. She discovered, however, that this wasn’t the case and that they required help in putting together their videos. Gary Schwartz, a Learning Technologist in the E-Learning Unit with a specific focus on using video and multimedia, was able to provide some support however he couldn’t always be around. This project therefore aimed to create a variety of videos to teach the necessary video skills with the extra feature that these were then dubbed into spanish (a language that Gary doesn’t speak).

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