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Are my lecture recordings secure?

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For: StaffApplication: After making a recording

The default security setting for Q-Review is that user authentication is required before recordings can be viewed. Should recordings be embedded or their URLs shared, those accessing them will need to login using their standard QM username and password. Should you choose to use the ‘Q-Review tool’ in QMplus, users will have already been authenticated by having been prompted to login via that platform.

Should you wish to use the Q-Review tool on QMplus, your recordings will only be accessible to the students enrolled on that module. If you would like to enable this feature, please raise a ticket with IT Helpdesk giving details of the module/s (you don’t need to raise separate requests – you can provide all your module codes in one ticket).

Should you wish your recordings to be openly available, please check that any copyright material is not infringed and raise a ticket via the IT Helpdesk, requesting that recordings are set to ‘allow all’. You will then be able to share recording URLs and embed the videos without the users being prompted to login.

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