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What about Copyright?

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  1. Where the recorded lecture or event shows work created by a third party and the copyright in
    this work has not expired, it is important to seek advice before distributing the recording
    unedited. It is likely that permission will need to be sought from the copyright owner unless an
    agreement exists between the owner and QMUL.
  2. Material licensed for use in a live lecture will require further permission in order to publish it on
    the open web. However, it is permissible under the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)’s
    Comprehensive Digital Licence to include limited extracts of text, still images and digital
    holdings in recordings distributed and restricted to students registered on a particular module
    or programme. Advice on how to include content under this license should be sought from the
    QMUL Library.
  3. Where third party material has been recorded and permission for its inclusion has not been
    verified, the recording should be edited to remove the material before being made available to
  4. Where the ELU is made aware of any breach of copyright within a lecture recording, it will
    immediately make the recording unavailable and then contact the presenter to correct the
    matter as outlined above.
  5. Further advice on copyright compliance in lecture capture should be sought from the QMUL

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