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Downloading a Q-Review recording

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For: StaffApplication: After making a recording , Q-Review

The Q-Review system is designed to host your recordings for you. To make your recording available to others, you do not need to download the files, you can simply share recordings in the same way you would do with a YouTube video.

There may however be times when you want a copy of the recording files. Perhaps you’d like to keep a copy of your recording as a backup for yourself or give a copy to someone on a memory stick. This guide describes how to go about doing this.

      1. Log in to the Q-Review server on
      2. Using Courses along the top navigation select the recording you are interested in
        ech360 dashboard courses selection
      3. Select the green iconech360 green recording icon
      4. Select ‘Download original’ech360 green recording icon download menu
      5. Select the recording that you would like to download. SD for standard definition or HD for high definition.echo360 recording download options
    1. Recording downloads will be .mp4 files and can be played back on most native video players.

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