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Editing your recording

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Whether you have recorded a live event in a lecture theatre or pre-recorded some course material using the Personal Capture software on your computer, you can make basic edits to your recording using the online Q-Review Presentation Editor.


The Q-Review Presentation Editor runs in your internet browser and allows you to cut unwanted sections (from the beginning, middle or end) from your recording. However, you can’t insert extra video clips or apply advanced media editing features.  Edits can now be applied any time after the recording has been processed, with it being possible to revert back to the original by re-processing the recording. Should you overwrite the original recording with edits, you will not need to re-distribute the link to the recording, however should you save a new version then this copy will act separately to the original & will need re-sharing.

What you will need to edit your recording

  1. A computer with internet access and Adobe Flash installed.
  2. Speakers or a headset (to hear audio).
  3. Your college email address and password to access the Q-Review server.
  4. Instructor access for the recording which you wish to edit.

The editing process

Opening the presentation editor

  1. Log into the Q-Review server via
  2. In the top left corner of the page, select ‘My Content’
  3. Hover the mouse over the recording you wish to edit and click on the • • • icon, then click on ‘edit media’. Alternatively, one can click through the Q-Review link in QMplus and then click on the playback tile to access editing features, as shown below:

Editing Videos

This screenshot shows the basic features of the presentation editor.

The presentation editor provides a basic video editing function, allowing you to make cuts and trims to video content as needed. In addition, you can make changes and save them to the original video, or you can make changes and Save As. Save As creates a copy of the video with the changes you made.

How to edit segments from your recording

Should you wish to edit segments from the middle of your recording, this is done slightly differently to as it was before in the previous video editor. To do so:

  1. In the video playback screen at the top of the presentation editor, click on the blue playback bar for the point you wish to make an edit. The display beneath, set against a timeline of thumbnail images of the presenter and presentation slides, will track the one above.It is in this bottom view that the edits are made. When you have located the point in the recording which you wish to make a cut, click on the scissors icon (as shown below).
  2. Find the second point of the recording which you wish to make a cut and move the playhead to this part. Click the scissors icon to make a cut and then when the part you wish to remove is highlighted, click the trash can icon to delete it:
  3. If you would like to be able to make a more precise edit, there is a zoom feature which allows you to make a cut, to the nearest fraction of a second.
  4. Once the edits have been made, one can overwrite the original by clicking ‘save’ or a new copy can be created by clicking ‘save as’.
  5. If you make any mistakes at any point, there is a ‘restore’ option in the top right corner of the screen which will revert the recording to the original state.

Providing access to others to edit recordings

Should someone else need to make edits, they can do so by clicking through the Q-Review link in QMplus (as a teacher or course administrator) and then clicking on the playback tile to access the editing options.


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