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How do I connect my Q-Review recordings to QMplus?

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This guide covers:

It assumes that you are recording your lecture or event using the Q-Review lecture capture system, and that you are the presenter or have been given presenter access on the Q-Review server. It also assumes that you have instructor access on the QMplus course.

Step 1 – Add a Q-Review external link to QMplus:

  1. Log into QMplus and navigate to the QMplus course area that you have instructor access to.
  2. Turn Editing On by clicking the pencil icon in the top right
  3. If there is no Q-Review link already added to the QMplus course area you will need to add this link – click on the ‘Add an Activity or Resource’ link within the section/topic area where you would like the Q-Review recordings link to appear.
  4. From the picker , select ‘External Tool’
  5. In the ‘Activity Name’ field, enter ‘Q-Review Lecture Recordings’ or another suitable title
  6. Under ‘Preconfigured Tool’ select ‘Q-Review Recordings’

7. Scroll down and click ‘Save and return to course’

This will add a Q-Review recordings link to your QMplus course area.

Step 2 – Connect your Q-Review (Echo360) recording to QMplus:

Before you will be able to see your Q-Review recordings, you must ensure that your QMplus course area is linked to the correct Q-Review section where your recordings are stored.

  1. Click on the Q-Review link (added using the instructions from ‘Step 1’ above).
  2. If your QMPlus course area is detected in Q-Review, it will appear on the next page automatically. If so, then proceed to number 5, If not, then proceed to number 3.
  3. From the ‘connect your Echo360 content’ page (seen in the image below), select your term from the first drop down menu, then your course – you can search for the course by typing it in the search box.
  4. Lastly select the section from the available options, this is usually similar to the term.
  5. You will also need to choose what you want students to see, whether you want to link to a list of lessons or a specific lesson item in your section. Make your selections and then click the ‘Connect’ button:


You should then see a list of all the recordings that have been made for that term. See example below.

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