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How to download QMplus Media files?

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You can raise a Helpdesk ticket to get a link that allows anybody with access to the link to download videos that are uploaded to QMplus Media server. Please make sure that you uploaded those videos or you have the necessary permissions to download them.

This guide explains the process to allow students and staff within a QMplus course to download QMplus Media videos. By following this guide users within a course area will be able to download videos by going to the Course Media Gallery (not via a download link mentioned above). You will need to have teacher or administrator rights in a QMplus course area and also the ownership over the videos.

Make videos downloadable via Course Media Gallery

Step 1: Log in to QMplus and go to a course you have teacher access to,  click on ‘QMplus Media’ within the top right hand profile drop down menu.

Step 2: If the videos you want to make downloadable appear on the gallery page then skip to step 4. (Please note that you can only make the videos downloadable if you uploaded them or you own them. You can check this by going to My Media, all the videos that appear in your My Media can be made downloadable by you.) If they don’t then click on Add Media (Top Right)

Step 3: Here you will see all the videos you have previously uploaded. Select the checkbox next to the videos you want to make downloadable and click on Publish.

Step 4: The selected video(s) will appear on the Media Gallery page. Click on the video you wish to make downloadable. Click on Edit within the Actions dropdown list.

Step 5: Click on Downloads tab and select the available formats. You can choose from –

  • Source – this allows users to download the original file in original size and quality.
  • HD/1080 – WEB (H264/4000) – This will be a high definition video file, good for watching videos on a big screen. If you have made a screen capture then always select this format.
  • SD/Large – WEB/MBL (H264/1500) – This is a standard definition file that is smaller in size and takes less space. Good for watching it on mobile devices.

You can select any or all formats. Click save (see below).

Step 6: You will see a download button that will allow you to download this video in the chosen format(s).

Allow students to view Course Media Gallery

However, please note that your students do not have access to Course Media Gallery. If you wish to make your videos downloadable to students then you need to allow them to access the media gallery.

Step 1: Click on Users within the Settings Block. Select the Permissions form list (see below).

Step 2: On this page, type Media Gallery in the filter text box. Click on ‘+’ sign and select student from the options (see below).

Step 3: Switch your role to student and check if the Course Media Gallery is visible. Now, students will be able to access the Media Gallery and download videos that was made downloadable earlier.

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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